How to write your check.

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Doing a check for the first time or for the first time in some time? Some people have questions about the best way to write checks with cents and where to write them. Although you may not write checks often, it's still a valuable knowledge to have. Let us help you answer any questions by providing a simple guide.

Step 1. Date your check

The date should be written in the upper right corner. This is crucial so the person who you're sending the cheque to will be aware of the date you wrote it.

Step 2. Who's the screening for?

The next section on the check should be "Pay To The Order of." Here you put the name and contact info of the person or the organization that you're paying. If you don’t know what the exact name is of the individual, or organization, you may put in the word "cash". This could be a problem should the check be lost or stolen. A check issued to "cash" is able to be cashed, or deposited, by anyone.

Step 3: Type in the payment amount in numbers

You can write the amount you are paying in two locations on your check. In the lower right corner you write the amount in numerical form (e.g. $130.45). Be sure to write it in a clear manner so that the ATM or bank will be able to accurately subtract this amount from your account.

Step 4: Write down the payment amount in words

On the line below "Pay to the order of," write out the dollar amount in words that correspond to the dollar amount that you entered in the box. For instance for example, if $130.45 is your total amount then you'll write "one hundred and thirty and 45/100." If you're planning to pay a check in cents, be sure that the cents amount is higher than 100. For clarity, if the dollar amount is written in a round form, you can still add "and the sum is 00/100". It is essential that the bank write the dollar amount in terms to allow them to take the check.

5. Create how to write a check with hundreds and cents that says "Memo" even though it isn't mandatory it can help you determine what you are paying for with the check. You can write "Electric Bill" as well as "Monthly Rent" on a check you're paying monthly rent or electric bills. In most cases, when you pay a bill, the company will ask you to enter your account number on the check in the memo area.

Step 6 Check the balance

You must sign your name on the line in the bottom right-hand corner using the signature you entered when you first opened your checking account. This confirms to the bank that you accept that you are paying the amount stated as well as to the proper person.

How do you balance your checkbook.

Each time you spend money or make a deposit, you should keep track of the transaction in your checkbook's register. This register can be found in the check you received from Huntington. Check registers are designed to be used to keep the track of your deposits and expenses. All transactions should be recorded including ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions and checks.

Make sure you register your transactions.

You'll need to write down the check number if you pay by check. The number is in the upper right corner of your check. This will help you keep records of all your checks . It also helps you remember when you need to order checks again.

Make sure you keep your record of the date. If you are using the "Transactions" or "Descriptions" columns you will be able to indicate the location the payment was made. Next, write down the exact amount in the withdrawal column or deposit column based on whether the money was used or received.

Subtract the amount of any cash, checks, withdrawals and bank fees or make deposits into the total amount of funds in your account from the last transaction.
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