What are the conditions for learning a b2 driver's license?

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To participate in the B2 driver's license study, you need to meet the following conditions to participate in the study and test for the B2 driver's license:

Age: The age requirement is that an individual from 18 years of age can apply for a class B2 driver's license.

Health: Learners with a driving license must meet all health requirements, must not suffer from a number of diseases such as poor eyesight, people with eye defects, people with disabilities (amputated 2 fingers or more). or amputated one foot or more), people with acute and chronic mental disorders.

Profile: It is necessary to prepare a full profile according to the regulations and to pay attention to the problems of photos or how to write a profile properly.

Participating fully in lessons: During the learning process, individuals need to fully participate in theoretical and practical lessons to ensure the amount of knowledge received. If an individual is absent for more than half of the allotted time, the individual may be disqualified from taking the test.

Profile of driving license B2:

Application form for driving school.

Copy of ID card or CCCD does not need to be notarized.

6 3x4 photos (not including photos pasted on medical certificate and application for driving school).

Health certificate issued by a medical authority.

Curriculum Vitae does not need to be notarized.

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