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So referred to as “Micro Switches” have been round for a few years and are made by a big number of producers.  While the Micro Switch trademark is owned by unionwell (who didn't invent it, merely bought it…), it has become part of the vernacular and is often used to discuss with any small form factor, snap action switch.

Making Micro Switches Waterproof

Waterproof micro switches have found use in thousands of functions where a rugged outdoor or high humidity surroundings exists, or one of nice temperature extremes as in navy or space functions.  The major problem to creating really waterproof micro switches is that of maintaining seal integrity over potentially tens of millions of switch activations. The aim of high electromechanical switch endurance should be balanced towards the conflicting targets of start-up present requirements, type of actuator (plunger, lever, curler, ball, etc…) circuit type, cold or high temperature efficiency, and different design parameters to realize a balanced strategy that meets all requirements.

These have the particular capabilities of making certain micro switches are properly held in place. They get threaded into the switches for the purpose of creating them (micro switches) firm. Another reason why they're essential is that they may help in securing such switches. Removing them is simple as soon as there is a want for such. They provided further safety for micro switches thereby making them final as expected.

Why Micro-Switches by Unionwell

Our unique worth-add within the micro switch market stems from a number of main aggressive differentiators.

- Our switches are truly waterproof, not simply water resistant or Splash Proof. A Unionwell Waterproof Momentary Switch Completely sealed switch enclosure of both neoprene or santoprene is utilized to our pendant type maintained or momentary contact switch utilizing a proprietary manufacturing course of which allows for both high electromechanical efficiency, extended (mil-spec) temperature range, and low production costs.

- Ball and Plunger switches use a patented ball service design which prevents contaminants from Unionwell Plunger limit Switches getting into the assembly even within the depressed place. These switches are among the most rugged made on the planet.

- 25 years of expertise in customized switch engineering means there are few necessities we are able to’t design for and achieve on this space. Our engineers will customize and quality your switch immediately inside your software appearing as an extension of your engineering team.

- All our micro switches are made and designed in China. We have not gone the route of low cost offshore parts and uneven manufacturing quality management.  All our merchandise are made and tested proper here in our Unionwell facility.

For extra information on Unionwell Waterproof Micro Switches, call our group at present to discuss your software or go to our web site at

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