A Snake Catching Guide.

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1 - The particular safest option is usually to set a leather trap.
It is always advisable to hire a professional snake expert if you cannot catch it yourself.
If you can DEFINITELY identify the snake and know that it is non-venomous, then grabbing it with thick gloves is actually one of the easiest methods to catch it. In a pillow case, relocate the piece of paper.
As an alternative to handling the snake, if you are unable to identify it, or it cannot be reached, a snake hook or snake tongs, such as those below, can be used.
REMEMBER, however, that snake bites are usually caused by people trying to catch or kill them. Maybe your best bet is just to leave them alone. A trap will do the job or you can get an experienced professional to do it. Both are listed below.
In your garden, while you spend hours bent over in the heat, few things will be as unnerving as a thin, long body suddenly slithering under your feet. Snakes like to follow you around the garden, so they watch you pull rocks and weeds out of the soil. You will eventually stop going into your garden altogether if this happens often enough. For someone who loves the fruits of their labor, this abandonment is heartbreaking. There's a possibility that you might catch the snake.
Make sure you know what kind of snake you are going after before you attempt to catch it. A poisonous snake will need special care, if not a professional touch. The snake must not be poisonous before you can begin.
Getting back into your garden is the first step. It's here that the snake is, so go there to catch it. A long branch, yard stick, or fire poker will distract the snake. As your tool approaches the snake's head, keep the animal focused. Using your other hand, you're going to pick up the snake's tail. Let the snake rest on the ground for the majority of its body. Never pick up a snake by its tail! Use your stick to quickly lift the snake's head. Here, one hand should hold the snake's tail and the other hand should hold the stick that holds the snake's head. Position yourself in such a way that you can control the reptile's body without putting yourself in danger. Get the snake to a safe place where it can be relocated. The animal may not be able to find a safe haven near you, so you can transport it by vehicle in a pillowcase. You should gently point the snake's head toward the direction you would like the snake to travel. When spilling out of a pillow case, gently allow the snake's body to remain partially covered. Back away and leave the pillowcase on the ground. After the snake has slithered away, you can reclaim your linen.
To make the above method less direct, you can try throwing the snake into a large garbage bin. Place a bin on the ground and use a broom to guide the snake inside. Make sure you don't hit or push the snake. This will injure it. Because of the smooth sides, the snake will be unable to climb out and it will be safe to relocate.
You can eliminate snakes inside the house by using a shirt and pillowcase. Scoop up your shirt or light blanket and place it in the pillowcase with the snake. Place the pillowcase inside a garbage can or large storage container so the snake can escape if desired. Using an airtight lid, cover the container. This snake is safe to transport now. You might also want to read Is it safe to handle a snake with bare hands?
The safest method of snake removal is by using professional grade snake traps. While a few traps are useless, there are others that are recommended by wildlife professionals. These traps allow you to remove snakes from your property without touching them. Snakes must be handled with care, if they are in any doubt at all as to what type of snake they are. Read about What should I do with a snake I catch?
Catching a snake essentially involves three options. The first thing you can do is call a wildlife expert in my directory below. The person can remove the snake(s) and take other measures necessary to solve the snake problem. To catch your snake yourself, you can purchase a snake trap. In addition, you can seal up your house and modify your land to help keep snakes away, if you don't want to learn how to catch a snake from the start.
Your snake problem can be fixed by us. Ninety-five percent of the US population is served by our snake specialists.
BUY A SNAKE TRAP as your second option
logan snake catcher
Snakes can be trapped indoors with a trap. The use of glue-based traps outdoors is not recommended, because it can inhumanely catch other small animals. Following is the most durable and effective snake trap I have tested. There is no better snake trap on the market. Get more information about Snake Trap.
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