Because you cannot depend on WiFi at the top of the mountain, I ensure my kids are prepared to trave

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It was true.. My children think the internet high in the mountains is weak. It's not that big however it's a bit over the typical wireless network, so my children need to walk around to find a better spot for more speedy internet as me and my wife have set up a small camp site. The area is ideal for us to camp for a few days. There's a small stream nearby , which provides clean water, even though we don't have any. Yes.. my wife can't camp without plenty of water therefore we'll bring our own.

yt to mp3 My children are now back on social media while I admire the view. While this hill isn't huge, it's surrounded many larger ones. We go to this hill every occasionally in order to feel closer to mother earth. These trips are my favorite, and I'm the only one who loves them. It's my wife that insists of doing this, maybe partly due to the fact that she knows how much I love being out here, in the wild. My kids are totally different. Internet can sometimes go down. ytmp3 A magnetic motion or any other event can cause a temporary interruption to your streaming song. It can last for up to a minute or so before the music returns. This is really annoying even to me, cause I tend to hear the entire thing..

After a couple of trips without internet access, and the internet service on our smartphones constantly dropping out of service it became clear that we should be prepared. My wife and I decided to prepare for the eventuality that our kids, our children won't have internet access for more than 10 mins. We came up with two entertainment options that can be used even when the Internet isn't available on camping excursions. The tablet was loaded with music videos and the most popular songs on it. Our preferred Youtube MP3 convertor was able to help us extract music from videos, convert them to MP3 format and then download them onto the tablet. It also supports playlists, making it quick, even though it sounds awful. If you're being down or bored one could play music, watch videos or, lucky for all, listen to sound via blue tooth-connected headphones. It's nice, isn't it? This item produces no sound.

The second tablet consisted of animated cartoons and TV shows that we downloaded through Hulu as well as Netflix. It is also possible to save the content offline for future watching. The quality is not great but it's still something. There are numerous seasons of Breaking Bad there and many cartoons such Family Guy and Disenchantment. It was enjoyable and simple. Tablet 2 came a few trips after tablet 1 but it was present when we finally reached The Wild. My kids were hooked and watching their favorite shows. I personally added a few DIY vides there like putting up the tent, and then skinning fresh caught fish.. These are tasks you may not do at home. These videos I downloaded from Youtube then converted to MP4 and then saved on my tablet. It's much simpler to have video on the tablet for when you're working and don't need to wait for video to stream.

These two tips have kept my children entertained for 4 family camping trips. Even though they don't like being outside They know that their tablet 2, keeps them entertained when they are bored. They will also return it when they're finished. I've never felt happier. It's truly all I'm looking for, being with my family.
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