Cool webapps make finding music on Youtube more simple than ever before

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Here's a little of my cover story. I love deezer and spotify. I don't have enough music from outside of the country, but. Amazon music and Apple/Itunes, I like, but they don't offer new and exciting music until they are too old. I like (and similar online streaming radio channels) however they don't often offer new, cool tunes. Their music also comes in 1hr intervals. It's perfect when you're looking to party, get tunneled or throwdown.

Youtube is the answer. It's the only place you can listen to music from all nations, from all the backgrounds and cultures, and it appears there immediately after it is played on radios. Youtube music is shared by labels, however it's also because of the millions of music enthusiasts who record their favorite songs and save it as video and upload it to Youtube.,-I-make-sure-my-kids-are-ready-when-we-travel-with-them. Better yet, they can also record themselves singing the new song and then share it. Some of these shares are viewed millions of times, and yet they aren't discovered by copyright claims companies.

That means that any song, new or old is available in many copies on Youtube in varying quality from high to poor quality, or even by drunken people who are watching the video. All is well, so long as I enjoy the music. That's why I visit YouTube to discover the best music, then buy copies, and have not had to pay amount for music over the past years. It's amazing to locate music from the 80s as well as music from the 90s as well as dance songs from the 2000s on Youtube. Sometimes, I see videos that state "This and this decided not to let you listen to this song".. I ignore this and head to Flvto or Y2mate to find mp3s.

How that works? I simply type in some searchand the site will return more than two dozen results. I click on any of those results and it gives me options to download MP4 files or convert YouTube video to MP3 format. It's easy and doesn't require any technical expertise. I can download any songs I like from Youtube and it doesn't matter if videos stop playing. I always have time-shifted copy of the videos on my computer to be able to access whenever I wish. It's amazing. It allows me not to be restricted by Youtube on my "country", so music from Europe and Africa can be listened to without issue.
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