How to keep current with music from your own country even though it's been 10 years since you left.

PughWerner0537 | 2021.12.01 02:15 | 조회 4
How are you getting on? I am a Russki teenager who came to America to have a better life. In Russia I was not rich. I was in the middle. My family, not me. In Russia young adults did not need money back when I was growing older, so we had to find ways to earn some money. There are many schemes available, with the majority of which are similar to alcoholics asking for money from their friends to purchase their communal vodka bottle. Like the above we were always looking for ways to make quick cash or even buy bread. We always had food cravings.

So, I finally made it to America. It's far from New York, Brooklyn and Brighton Beach. That place is very similar to where I live. It's loud, filthy, there's lots of Russian language everywhere, and the people are rude - it's just normal Russian city bliss. I've spent a lot of money there, mostly going to Russian restaurants and book and music stores.

I am a huge fan of music and books. As it turned out recently it is possible to find Russian books on Kindle. Therefore, I have stopped buying books in hardcopy. Furthermore, I do not have enough space in my house. My wife is almost an avid collector. So I do what I can to prevent adding to her pile of stuff. The stacks were pretty nice initially before they began to appear sad. I eventually put them in my garage, which still can accommodate my stuff.

Music is an entirely different subject. I am a huge fan of music since my work requires me to travel long distances so I am a huge fan of. Also, as a Russian immigrants, I've never been able to appreciate any new music that I have discovered in the USA.. I don't really like hip-hop, rap, rock, metal and pop. The latest music that kids enjoy dancing to. I am a huge fan of Russian music and the songs written in jail. They're still popular throughout the years. Youtube currently has all the details. This means I can sit for hours on Youtube listening to music while I'm at work or when I get home after work.

After some time, I was able to make a playlist that was more than 300 songs that I truly love. This playlist is a precious chest of music I listen to on repeat every day. It has more than 300 songs. When I need to listen to them while driving, however, I don’t have sufficient internet. It’s essential for driving, navigation and also for my personal enjoyment. I make the tracks at home. I'm in the middle now. I record a few songs on Youtube and then convert the mp3s into MP3 files using my laptop. Then, I bring that CD to the car, and listen. This website I found can take an entire Youtube playlist and print the entire playlist. Each song can be converted into mp3 and stored on my personal computer. It's then easy to transfer it to audio CD. Sometimes, I just make data discs and it won't play on the car stereo. It's incredible how technology operates when audio is recorded. I don’t even need an internet connection to listen to mp3. I simply plug the CD into the car stereo, and the music from Russia is blasting throughout Manhattan when I drive by.

It's easy to download videos from Youtube and save the videos as MP3 files. It is then possible to download them onto your Smartphone. My friend connected his phone to his car stereo and it started playing excellent quality sound within a matter of seconds. He was also able stream Spotify as well as Pandora radio. It's not even requiring the most internet speed. This is something I'm planning try in the near future. However, I'll only use free wifi.

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