Royal Q Robot Review: Is it safe or a fraud?

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Royal Q Robot Review: Is it safe or a fraud?

If you've just ventured into the cryptocurrency industry you'll discover it's a totally different universe with various tools and options. Of course, one of them is crypto trading bot options that could help ease the burden for both traders and speculators.

Disclaimer I am not an financial advisor or Crypto Expert. All opinions are based upon my personal experience. They are solely for educational use.

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With so many people depending on crypto trading bots More and more developers have come up with fraudulent tools to simplify the trading market. Most of them come up with losses from trading.

Recently, there's a lot of talk about"RoyalQ," the Royal Q robot which has earned a great deal of recognition for its profitability. So, we'll see whether this robot can be profitable or not. I've been trading with this bot for about 2 months, and I'm now able to share my knowledge of the workings of the platform and to share with you my initial impressions and analytics as well as the entire experience.

It is important to understand why it has gained this popular?

Royal Q's super easy-to-use interface.

Great Referral system for earning continuously passive income.

Mobile app to automate crypto trading.

Integration of Binance application as well as Huobi to trade.

One-time activation and low commission fees mean it is ideal for everyone.

There's a array of pros. AndI can say from my own experience it is true that Royal Q is not a fraud.

What is Royal Q?

Royal Q is an automated trading platform that trades online in cryptocurrency that trades for you in accounts like your Binance as well as Huobi account through API settings.

The tool was launched in the year 2017. program supports more that 50 cryptos that are the best that can be traded, including trustworthy institutions that hold a global presence.

Also, traders do not require to have any experience in trading to buy and sell in the market for cryptocurrency, which makes it an easy market for beginners.

How to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot using Binance API step-by-step guide

First Impression:

In my shock, my first impressions were quite good, no colored gummy substances, no Egyptian hieroglyphs-based user interface, everything was as easy as tap water, clean and easy to learn I logged in quickly and decided to play around with the chat support system and addressed a few technical questions about the development of crypto.

They were able to reply in less five minutes . They provided a quick, constructive, and almost fatherly advice type of answer. The response was awe-inspiring as I have made use of this chat platform on several other cryptocurrency exchange platforms and as of now, am growing a big beard and waiting to hear from them. Other platforms that were able to reply just offered me vague answer, or a sloppy, unimportant, or just downright silly.

Overall Summary of Royal Q:

Royal Q is an authentic bot platform integrated with Binance and Huobi with an 80:20% profit ratio. ( crypto trading fund takes 20% which you then earn more than 80% of the profit)

Continuous income is guaranteed with all-hours-of-the-day monitoring, users need only sign up for the trading feature after depositing $140 and the robots assume the responsibility. ($120 for a one-year subscription , the rest $20 to fuel for the gas)

The deposit limit for investors who are required to use the system falls between $100-$15,000 ( Put $1000-$2000 into your Binance or Huobi account so your bot has the ability to trade from it)

RoyalQ doesn't have access to or access to your Binance as well as Huobi account. The bot can only trade from your account, so you don't need to be worried.

The winning rate for all transactions made on the app is 97%, which is very remarkable.

How do crypto trading fees work?

One thing I have noticed is that the risks of trading are considerably lower with Royal Q because the trading robotics are extremely rapid and smooth.

There are two different methods that customers can make money from Royal Q.

Trading Cryptocurrency

Affiliate (Referral)


The main aim is to let the bot earn profit for us via quantitative trading. For those who want to start trading, you'll have to sign-up at Royal Q's official site and then connect it to Binance or Huobi API so that it can trade on your account without requiring any human intervention. Additionally, the Royal Q platform doesn't have any access to your deposited money , which makes it much more safe for you.

After you have set up Your account and registering, all you need to do is to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee as this machine will handle your cryptocurrency trades based on your capital amount and the ROI varies from 20-50% per month , based upon your trading style using compound interest.

This is a screenshot of my earnings for this week.


Apart from trading and affiliate programs, the Royal Q affiliate program is something worth looking further into. This is not some standard "bring a friend, get a one-time reward" scheme that almost all exchanges run. The structure they devised it's possible to think of creating a business around this entry point. It's not even getting into the fact that this program is among the most sophisticated of its kind in the business by definition.

The first thing to note is that the program is comprised of six types of levels for referrals. This is a new concept with no precedent in the field; not to throw names around, but certain 'B'-based platforms have one or two levels, and the rest is done. You can now grow your family tree as high as roots and branches as your imagination will allow you to.

In the first level itself it's a $30 instant commission on everyone you refer them to, as well as earn a piece of commission on trades. So the earnings increase with the referral's volume grows.

The platform offers one of the most efficient referral systems to earn passive income , while the bot is trading 24 hours a day, and makes profits. Sounds great?

Learn how to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot step by step

How to Get Started on Royal Q

To begin, click here. It's a 3-step easy procedure.

1) Create an Account

To sign-up for an account all you need to do is enter the email of your choice. Then, click send verification code and you will receive the code from your email address. after that, create a new password. Click on the register button and proceed.

Then you'll be able to download the application. Make sure that you first create an account before downloading the app legally from there.

2.) Inactivate your account

Log in to your account upon installing the app on your mobile device . This will ensure that you can proceed to start activating your account.

Click on "Mine" on the app and then go to "asset" where you will find a "deposit".

Copy your Royal Q wallet address on the deposit section so that you are able to transfer an amount up to $140 (TRC-20) to the wallet's address. You will then activate your account via clicking on activate.

3.) API Binding to Binance

After you have activated your account, you will need to connect your bot with your Binance or Huobi account.

If you don't have a Binance account or account, you can set one up here.

Then, you need to open your Binance account and then select More > Other API Management

Create API by writing "ROYAL Q" and then hit the Create button.

After that , click edits and set the API's constraint settings.

The only boxes you'll have to tick to tick are "Enable Reading" and "Enable Spot & Margin Trading." The remainder of the boxes will remain unchecked

Copy your API key and the secret code from the page.

Explore how to use your Royal Q app and click API binding - Binance . then copy and paste it there.

Congrats!! Your bot is now ready to trade.

It is important to ensure that you have an amount of USDT on your Binance account. If not then deposit it so that the bot can trade it. The range of $100 to 2000 is the best for your first start, and you can start by putting in just $100. It all depends on your personal preferences.

4) Start Trading

Let's trade. You can open your app, and press "Quantitative" just right to the home page.

There's a wide selection of pairs here. Choose the best one according to your preference and click on "start".

To view your earnings per day you earn, simply click "Revenue" on the home.

How to sign up and activate RoyalQ bot using Binance API Step-by-step tutorial

If you're having any problems or need assistance, then feel free to reach on us through RoyalQ chat feature. To chat with us , simply need to launch the RoyalQ application, then click "news" and then click on "My Counselor" and then CashCrawl will appear as your counselor. There, you can chat

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