Glue trap seals 28-day search in north Raleigh for venomous zebra cobra.

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Following many hours of consultation and preparation by officers from Raleigh police and animal control, a glue trap was ultimately deployed to capture a venomous zebra cobra on a north Raleigh porch on Wednesday, a 48-hour incident that generated nationwide interest.

brisbane north snake catcher To remove the glue fully from its body, the cobra was guided into a red bucket and moved to a safe location.

Earlier in the day, WRAL's cameras caught the snake crawling out of a siding onto a porch on Sandringham Drive. When it lifted its head to look around, the top of its hood was visible.

Camera crews had to be redirected after Animal Control officers confirmed it was a snake before moving in to try to capture it.

911 call from that same home sparked the search in the early morning Tuesday.

An investigation of a venomous zebra cobra in north Raleigh is concluded with the discovery of a glue trap
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The report was compiled by WRAL reporters Kasey Cunningham, Joe Fisher and Matt Talhelm, and multiplatform producers Heather Leah & Maggie Brown

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Following hours of consultation and preparation by Raleigh police and animal control officers, a venomous zebra cobra was caught with a glue trap on a Raleigh porch Wednesday night, coming to an end in North Carolina after nearly 48 hours of turmoil.

As the glue was slowly removed from the cobra's body, it was placed into a red bucket and taken to a safe location.

An earlier image captured by WRAL show the snake scrabbling to the front porch of a house on Sandringham Drive, crawling through the siding. A hood was visible wherever it turned its head.

When officers confirmed it was the snake, they walked back from the camera crew before moving in to try and capture it.

Early Tuesday, a 911 call from that home sparked the search.

RaleighCobra: T-shirts, memes and Twitter accounts inspired by roaming venomous snake residents#RaleighCobra: North Raleigh Spitting Cobras T-shirt from House of Swank
Joan Nelson said she was relieved the ordeal was over.

She said she was really happy and that she felt much safer now. After this experience, I feel like I can go outside, walk on the deck, or even go for a jog. It's very sad for the snake, though.

Snake with visible stripes lying on a porch in a north Raleigh neighborhood where a zebra cobra went missing.

A zebra cobra, which can spit up to nine feet, is faster than most snakes, so even a morning stroll with the dog becomes a fearsome event. The African Snakebite Institute states that the snake is very dangerous. A victim's nervous system could shut down if stung with venom.

One would feel immediate pain, swelling, irritation, vomiting and diarrhea if stung by a cobra's poison. In addition to a heavy fever and breathing problems, respiratory failure could also result.

An experienced veterinarian, Dr. Salina Locke, treats all kinds of pets at the Avian and Exotic Animal Care.

Normally, this cobra species does not bite. They spray their venom more often -- they're very accurate, she said.

Despite the risks involved, Locke doesn't recommend buying this snake for a pet.

Sleeping is when most bites occur. Health problems can linger for years for people who are bit, according to research.

Police searched a home on 6917 Chamonix Place on Tuesday, near where the cobra was last seen.

This home was visited four times by police during the month of March. Following the zebra cobra's spotting on a porch a half mile away, they returned on Monday and Tuesday.

Keith and Rebecca Gifford live at that address, according to county records. A Facebook account associated with Keith Giffords shows several photos of snakes, which he identifies as being his son's, Christopher.

On TikTok, Christopher Gifford has over 460000 followers. One of his posts claims that he owns a 7-foot zebra cobra.
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