Mounting Your American Bass Ceiling To Kick Up Your Game

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For years people have searched for the best car subwoofers. The brand name in car audio has changed over the years and there are many different manufacturers to choose from, but none can match the performance of American Bass. If you are looking to add a powerful bass sound to your vehicle, then the American bass subwoofer is the perfect choice. In this article, I will explain exactly how the American bass speakers work and provide you with reviews and recommendations on the new American bass amplifiers. This article is not intended to diagnose or prescribe a car subwoofer, but to help you find one that will fit your needs.

american bass 10 When shopping for a car subwoofer, you want to be sure to get one that has the right power and energy handling levels. The American bass subwoofer series is a great low price series for individuals who are searching for a powerful deep subwoofer without a huge wattage. It utilizes a 12 inch long subs with a bonded aluminum dome tweeter and a dual voice coil speaker wire set. This set up allows for a large amount of wattage to be delivered without clipping or overload.

One of the best features about the American bass series is the simple yet sleek styling of the speakers. Unlike some of their competition, this company pays close attention to details when designing their speakers and it shows in the quality of the speakers. They use the correct voice coils, balanced basket design, and properly sized woofer and enclosure.

The subwoofer is constructed using a dual foam surround. The woofer is made by utilizing the proper voice coil size and application of the air-cooled motor. There is proper enclosure design to ensure the proper performance of the subwoofer as well. These features work together to provide an accurate and clean sound that is perfect for any type of music.

When you consider the speakers that actually make the sound, you can see why Skar Audio has been able to create such a unique and desirable sound. The drivers in the speaker are carefully matched to produce the best performance every time. Each individual band in the series has its own specific "pickup range." They can vary from tight, precise treble ranges to a roaring bottom end. This is what makes the American bass sound so distinctive and easy to handle.

The amplifier consists of an amplifier pre-amp as well. There are a one-speaker unit and four-speaker set for those who need a larger subwoofer area. The drywall wood screws used in the construction come in standard sizes so there is no need to go to all the trouble of finding the appropriate size of drywall screws. You simply put them into the appropriate holes and install the subwoofer enclosure with its matching speaker wires, amplifiers and amplifier pre-amp.

The final part of mounting your new American bass subwoofer in the appropriate enclosure is to run wiring through the ceiling and across the room to connect the speaker to your amplifier. Check the latest price of speaker wires so that you know how much its power rating you need for your amplifier to handle a good amount of music. If you have a preamp with a nine volt rms power rating, then the power rating of all the speakers in your subwoofer enclosure should be calculated in watts. For example, if you have a speaker that has a six hundred watt rms power rating, then the subwoofer enclosure can handle at least nine hundred watts of amplifier output. That way you will always be getting the best performance from your amplifier and subwoofer.

In order to keep abreast with the constant innovations in technology and designs, it is important to purchase top brands of bass speakers. Some of the top brands of bass enclosures include Alpine, Eclipse, Focal, Harman, Kongsai, Martin, JBL, MB Quart, Sony and Kenwood. Each of these manufacturers offers subwoofer combos featuring various features and sizes to fit the needs of any bass guitarist or bass player. Choosing one of these top brands of bass speakers will ensure that you always have the right equipment to perform at the forefront of your competition.
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