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In Mexico, public education is enshrined in a constitution. Extensive enrollment growth characterizes Mexico’s education system. Not only does this apply to graduate studies but also primary school comprised in the formal education system. For the academic year 2011-12. The enrollment growth has exerted pressure on the Mexican learning structure (Paciorek 96). Authorities and developers in the Education sector in Mexico have to improve education quality and also increase and manage educational opportunities for the growing population, despite this increasing demand. Since the 1980’s to date, changes such as teacher assessment, uniform state admissions, and examinations done to exit different stages of education have been ongoing (Early Childhood Education in Developing Countries. Education around the World).

The Mexican system of education has customarily remained centralized. The textbooks and syllabuses are mutual in all public institutions countrywide. Through SEP, the government creates the standards, sequence and scope of the syllabus content of the subjects’ criterion at each grade stage (Bagnato 36).

Proper attention to children in primary learning stages in Mexico started at the end of the 19th century. The progress of programs in several countries was similar to Mexico’s educational evolution.  Mexico approach was specifically structured (Jongsma 2006). The method involved programs that were dedicated to the care of children, primarily in a welfare setting as well as those that were fixated on the young children education. These were perceived as two separate concerns in education and, therefore, had to apply different methodologies in program improvement. Subsequently, the two goals and their approaches influenced services provided as well as the kinds of experiences kids had (California Teachers Assn).

Technology has become the emphasis in legislation to improve open access, increase quality and advance the curriculum. Technology designed the reform effort, and this will facilitate revolution of México’s future in the world. Technology needs to be applied in primary education for the people to transfer to a technoculture (Blake 43).

Illegalities however, occur when an insider makes use of secret material information for his own profit hence taking advantage of the access given. Anyone can be an illegal insider be it company executives, their relatives and friends, or any regular person provided the information is not known by the public.

 The FanDuel and DraftKings article is relevant to insider dealings. It is okay to say that at this point, thanks to the investigators it is not possible and there is no evidence, sign, or official accusation describing Haskell’s win as a result his access to information. There is also no proof that Haskell had access to data at within the time that would have been of advantage for the FanDuel contests. DraftKings asserted that Haskell could not to take advantage of the information.

ERP system, on the other hand, provides the supply chain integration, manufacture, and administration. These can include improved best processes, creates unity of databases, increases communication and collaboration between business units and sites. It may also offer a calculated gain and have an off-the-shelf software database (Phillips 2012). 

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