Wooden Coffee Tables

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Finding the best  Functional Coffee Tables  for your home involves certain criteria and steps you should follow to guarantee you pick the very best one.

One of the first steps is to look around at the furniture you have situated in the room you plan on putting the coffee table in. The wooden table you plan to buy should match the other décor in that room.

You base the style, size, color, and design of the table on the other furnishings in the room.

You also want to consider what you plan on using the table for. This will help you determine size and design.

What Style Should You Choose?

Is your home decor modern or traditional? Is it the old world? New age? Retro-modern? Or something completely unique that doesn't necessarily fit into one single category?

No matter what style you prefer, you can find wooden coffee tables that will match that style.

Don't have a single style but you are ready to have one?

Then you can buy your wooden coffee tables and purchase your other furniture to match it. This is a good way to decorate because you start from the center (the coffee table) and work your way around with lamps, couches, end tables, etc.

Great Tips For Choosing Wooden Functional Coffee Tables

There are certain factors to consider before purchasing a wooden coffee table.

To make sure you purchase wooden coffee tables that are the appropriate size for your living spaces, make sure there is at least 15 to 20 inches from your wooden coffee tables to the nearest furniture (sofa, chairs, desk, etc.)

If you can't decide on a size remember this: It's better to have one that's too big than to have one that's too small.

Wooden coffee tables, as well as all coffee tables, are usually 16 inches tall. Some however can be as low as 10 or 11 inches tall.

Are your wooden coffee tables going to be foot-rests for family members and visitors? If you think that there is a chance that people will put their feet on the coffee table then having wooden coffee tables is the way to go. Wooden coffee tables and upholstered coffee tables are the most resilient against damage. A simple polish can almost always remove dirt or marks left by shoes.

If you have a small space, wooden coffee tables with glass tops are what you want to look for. The glass tops on wooden coffee tables allow light to shine through. The transparency creates more "room" making the smaller space seem less small.

If your couch has skirted covers then you want wooden coffee tables with longer legs.

If your couch has legs than you want to go with block shaped wooden coffee tables.

And always make sure that when you are putting wooden coffee tables into your living room where your couch is, that your wooden coffee tables are the same height as your couch seats.

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