Four Night Clubs in Paris

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Looking for a brand new night club in Paris? Look through these suggestions. There's everything from the best boogie beat box to the most drunken of whores. Find the top party in town here. Continue reading to learn more about these venues, and ways to make the most out of your evening out. There is something for everyone. Here's a look at our top Parisian nightclubs.


Although the Lower East Side may be infamous for its drunken shouting along with projectile vomit, spit, and police horse manure, Mehanata is a more trendy alternative. After being removed from Canal Street as well as Broadway at night, this club/bar in Bulgaria relocated to Ludlow Street. The new location is run by Travis Bass, who was once known for hosting parties with fog-shrouded walls at Madame Wong.

The nightclub/bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side is known for its Bulgarian roots. It is often considered to be the birthplace of the Balkan beats as well as the gypsy pop phenomenon, and was also home to the famous Gogol Bordello. Manu Chao as well as Eugene Hutz also frequent this famous club.

Le Bain

The highest floor in New York City's Standard Hotel features a posh nightclub named Le Bain. The club features top-notch DJs who are able to create an atmosphere of magic through music and motivate the crowd to dance. The modern sound system is another advantage. On weekends, the rooftop pool is adorned with dance-floors. If you're not feeling the vibe of a nightclub, head over to Le Bain to enjoy the vibe of this New York nightlife destination.

It is located on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel in Manhattan, Le Bain offers both indoor and outdoor lounges. In the summer months, you can lounge in a spa hot tub with a pool view or take pleasure in the magnificent views of Hudson River and New Jersey. A drink at the bar on the roof will cost you just $16. If you're looking for a place to relax and unwind in a relaxed night, consider a frozen rose or cucumber lemonade. There's also an outdoor bar in Le Bain nightclub.

Meyrick's Taboo

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Two people were killed , and 10 wounded in a shootout in Meyrick's Taboo night club on Wednesday evening. The shooting occurred on Third Street in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Police responded to the shooting and found the victims after witnesses alerted them. They provided first aid to injured victims and then took the injured to the hospital. The incident is being investigated by the police. The names of the victims haven't been divulged.

Meyrick was jailed for five times for breaking licensing laws. He was also a prolific journalist and writer, as well as an MP and communist. He was also arrested twice during the general strike because he spoke out in front of his supporters. Meyrick's Taboo club remained popular despite the length of his sentence. Meyrick eventually closed the nightclub however, it wasn't until 1933 when Meyrick was the first to be fined.


This Upscale nightclub has a cocktail lounge as well as DJs, bar snacks. Hookah is also on offer. There's no fee to cover, and it's the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work. You can relax here and enjoy a cocktail or two before a night out in the city. After you've hit the town and you're done, relax on one of the hammocks on offer.

Meyrick was freed from prison at the beginning of 1930. An entire year in prison took an effect on his health and his financial position. He was later found guilty of two more crimes, and his earnings fell short of what he was originally earning. For each of the crimes the defendant was given three years of probation and a PS50 fine. Meyrick recorded his experiences while being in prison. They were published posthumously in 1933. They received a great deal of media attention, but Meyrick's son, J. Meyrick, objected to the publication.

The World

The World Night Club, a New York City legend, was founded by a Bronx-based owner in the middle of the 1980s. Originally an on-and-off music venue, it was later turned into a fully-time nightclub. Arthur Weinstein and Colleen Weinstein were both decorators for commercial establishments who also created the interiors of Marquee and Limelight. They transformed the World into the ultimate party and dance venue without spending a lot of money.

The world of The World, an illustrated world where "doodles" are present, is cool. It is illegal for inhabitants to come into contact with the real world , or their characters would become human. However, one club dancer, Holli Will, violates the rules and turns human. Frank Harris defeats her, and the club is a popular hotspot for party-goers. In actuality, the nightclub is now a symbol of the city's culture.
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