Does Reflexology Treat Illness?

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It is also known as a reflex meditative treatment. It is the practice of applying gentle pressure to particular points on your hands and feet. This is done using a thumb or finger and is done without oil or lotion. While it's not considered an ancient form of treatment however, it is becoming more popular as a natural alternative therapy for a range of health conditions. Reflexology has been proven to be beneficial in treating many diseases. It has been proven to improve overall health, decrease discomfort, relax, reduce stressand so on.

The process begins by placing the hands of the patient on the top of the receiver's knees. The reflexologist then applies pressure to various parts of the hands and feet by using their hands. In order to give the maximum benefits, the pressure is applied around the same location each time the practitioner applies pressure. A qualified reflexologist will pinpoint exact locations of aches or discomforts in the hands and feet with their body awareness and their hands.

The techniques of reflexology are not considered to be a kind of surgery, however they perform in a similar manner. Reflexology treatments apply pressure to specific reflex zones to help heal. A majority of clients will apply pressure to their feet and hands initially, however some clients might apply pressure to different regions if they sense the need. Clients may feel mild discomfort when pressure is applied. But, this feeling is only temporary. The sensation is not caused by any kind of illness or condition and is normal in response to the soothing effects of Reflexology. When the reflex points are touched, healing occurs as the nerves get stimulated, which causes the body to react in a natural way by releasing natural substances and healing the region surrounding the reflex points.

Reflexology provides relief for common ailments like joint pain and headaches, as well as specific conditions of the feet and hands. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain , such as MS or fibromyalgia could find Reflexology helpful. During the Reflexology session, the practitioner will determine the specific reflex points or meridians to treat. Based on the severity of the problem The practitioner can focus on specific parts of the body, or he/she may suggest a series of treatments that will be carried out over several months or weeks.

Reflexology can help reduce the stress levels a person is feeling within their daily lives. If a person is overwhelmed, they can resort to food, drinks or medication to ease the stress However, they can also have negative side effects like dehydration, lack of sleep, and weight gain. By using Reflexology techniques on the feet and hands, individuals can learn to loosen muscles which aids to relieve the signs of tension.

People may want Reflexology treatment if they have hand pain or aching feet that tend to be troublesome for the person. People may seek out Reflexology for chronic headaches , or have achy feet that do not respond to medical treatment. In addition, people suffering from chronic joint pain, such as arthritis may find Reflexology to be an effective treatment option. Indeed, many doctors advocate Reflexology as a possible alternative form of medical treatment for individuals who are not responding well to other medications or traditional treatment options.

The hands and feet are generally not targeted during reflexology treatments, but the reflex zones are not restricted to only feet or hands. Reflexology can be used to treat reflex points. Reflexology can treat these areas, as well as organs that are located on the edges of the nose and chin, the liver and spleen as well as the pancreas, bladder, and kidneys. If a patient is interested, Reflexology can target these organs as well.

A lot of people use Reflexology as an alternative treatment method to their ailments and pain that they are suffering from. But, there are people who choose to use Reflexology as a medical treatment. For example, some individuals may experience an increase in mobility or faster healing following the reflexology procedure. There isn't any evidence to support that Reflexology helps relieve pain or treat other medical conditions. Patients should talk to their doctor prior to engaging in Reflexology as a treatment for medical reasons because there may be other alternative treatments that are not invasive and can offer the same relief.
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