What is PU Flooring?

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PU or polyurethane is the coating material that has been developed as an alternative for the use of heavy industries and since then it has become a fairly common floor material. PU floor is mainly known has the excellent varieties of brightness and color.

Essentially pu floor in the philipines, polyurethane coatings have high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, fire and high voltage. Due to its excellent characteristics, PU Flooring is highly recommended for industrial use and is especially suitable for chemical and food industries, commercial laboratories, medicine and public service floors.

In addition, the beautiful and soft properties of polyurethane also make it the best option to create a flat floor without expansion joints.


Epoxy floor vs PU


Flexible vs rigid

In general, the main difference between the polyurethane floor and the epoxy floor is that the first is highly flexible and elastic, while the second is rigid and heavy. This makes PU coatings more resistant to scratches and the thermal shock.

Chemical resistance

It is known that PU floor has high resistance to natural chemicals, lactic acids, for example. This property is what makes PU floor the best option in the food processing industry because its food grade floor. However, the Epoxy floor has no resistance to lactic acids, and will experience a degree of corrosion and yellowing when it comes into contact.

Moisture sensitivity

When it comes to moisture, it is known that PU floor has a better humidity resistance than epoxy due to its flexibility properties.

UV stability

Unlike epoxy floor, it is known that polyurethane has greater UV stability. This means that the floor will not become yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light or sunlight. This provides benefits to users, since PU floor is typically low maintenance once installed.

The use of polyurethane (PU floors) in the industrial floors system

Food and beverage industry: The F&B industry needs food degree floors, since the floors must be resistance to thermal shocks, resistance to chemicals and heat resistance. This makes Pu Floors the best option for food, drinks and chemical industries.

LABORATORIES: It is known that PU waterproofing floor is highly resistant to chemicals, which makes it an excellent floor material in laboratories

Frequent questions in polyurethane floor coatings

Is the polyurethane coating or epoxy coating better?

There is no definitive answer to this question, since it depends on the application and the specific requirements of each project. In general terms, however, epoxy tends to be more difficult. The polyurethane is flexible and better to handle the temperature. Both can last a lot if the right attention or maintenance is carried out.

Both PU and Epoxi have the same brilliant level and both resist spots, but PU is better to resist chemical spots. However, PU floor systems are often more resistant to UV radiation and chemicals than epoxy, so they can be a better option for certain applications.

In the end, it is important to consult with an experienced professional before making a final decision on which product to use.

What is PU waterproofing?

The waterproofing of PU is the process of treating the surface of the base material with a polyurethane waterproofing membrane to be resistant to water infiltration.

This system is widely used in construction and roof applications, since it provides an effective waterproofing solution that is also resistant to chemical damage and fire.

The reason why PU is better for roofs is due to its UV resistance properties.

What is polyurethane paint?

Areas such as cooking with oven and consistent wet areas.

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