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Isn't it time you got in touch with your creative side? It's a clever gimmick and it works. Surprise your lover sexually every week for a year and you can bet your bootee you won't be collecting any 'boring in bed' prizes. Encouraging the element of surprise in your relationship and sex life will keep you young and playful, keep you feeling cherished and appreciated and keep your lover crazy for you.


A little bit of effort to surprise your lover with a new technique, seduction, outfit or behaviour reaps huge improvements for the relationship. As long a sit's something unexpected, the surprise can be whatever you like. It can filthy, funny, sweet and romantic or it can be more embarrassing than karaoke night down your local bar



Why the element of Surprise works


Some of your surprises will be easy to organise. Some will take more planning. You might spend an hour (or more) setting up a gorgeous seduction for your lover, which is a lot I grant you, but the end result (and this is no exaggeration) will be burned into the hard drive of their memory for the rest of their life. Great phim sex  has that sort of effect on us.


But even more unforgettable for your mate than the great phim sex  you'll enjoy is how loved they'll feel. Men, just as,much women, are delighted by the proof that someone wants them so much that they'll put thought and effort into their seduction. All of us love to feel special.


What does it take for it to work?


It takes both of you to commit to the idea. You will only want to put effort into thrilling your partner if you feel they're going to make the same effort for you. The surprise element can't be spontaneous, at least not the first. If we don't plan, we just get lazy and don't bother. You're aiming to give your lover a 'guaranteed surprise', if you see what I mean. In other words, although they'll be able to look forward to being surprised, they won't know what they're looking forward to.


Try these tips:


• Buy her half a case of her favourite wine (dozen bottles is classier, but might be too much of a demand on your imagination). Around the neck of each, place a sealed envelope containing details of where and when you're going to drink it together. These are IOUS of pleasure. Let your imagination run wild.


• One night when you're getting amorous in a lovey-dovey sort of way, suddenly flip personality-change the whole atmosphere. From Mr Nice to Mr Mean. Stop smiling. Get mean. Overcome her. Tie her wrists to the head board and blindfold her. Now you can do whatever you like, but you want to give her a night to remember (and especially if she's still really mad at you), go down on her until she stops cursing and starts begging.


• Spend an hour or so pleasuring her sensually, such a oral sex, washing her hair, painting her toenails, applying body lotion to every inch of her skin or holding her and stroking her hair until she falls asleep. Don't allow her to do a thing for you in return.

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