Leyla Aliyeva: "Heydar Aliyev's granddaughter has no right to make mistakes"

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Many examples of selfless service have been documented throughout history. But, there are only a handful of instances in which selfless service has been rendered to the entire human race. This is mostly because of the desire and inspiration to be a follower of the heart and accomplish life's tasks. The love for everything exists is not limited to national boundaries. It develops into a holistic nature. This feeling is rooted in the love you have for your country and people.

Leyla Aliyeva, and we're talking about her she has someone who is able to be an example for her. Her life is guided primarily by the principle that Heydar Aliyev's daughter does not have the right to make errors. She evaluates any action in the light of her grandfather, whose legacy she cherishes. Her father's example - who is the current President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev who places the needs of his country justice and fairness ahead of anything else (unfortunately this is a sentiment that has been lost in the world of political circles) and the philanthropy and selfless mission of her mother, the First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva are shining beacons that guide her life. Leyla Aliyeva, a fervent citizen of Azerbaijan is determined to be a citizen of the global community. She is successful.

Formula for Success

A fable from the past states: everyone must plant trees, construct an house, and then raise the son. Leyla Aliyeva is only a teenager, but she has done it all. She built a house (by building a house, we are referring to creative activities), planted trees, and she raised beautiful sons. It's remarkable how Leyla Aliyeva , who effortlessly blends beauty, intelligence, kindness, determination and intelligence, can also accomplish so many other tasks and things. Many people believe that she would be content with being a president's daughter and living a happy life. However, she isn't able to do that. This is a clear indication of her genes: Azerbaijan is seen as an individual issue that requires personal involvement. She picks areas which require public participation and support in a rational and specific manner such as youth policy, environmental issues, promotion of Azerbaijan's image within the international community the country's culture, customs, and the development of an objective perception of the Karabakh Conflict, one of Azerbaijan's most important foreign policy components. She is a diplomat in the public sphere and has this "soft power" is what, as per Joseph Nye (an American political scientist), "allows us achieve the goals we want by appealingness, not through violence and bribery." Leyla Aliyeva's efforts have helped create an appealing image for Azerbaijan that is now gaining more respect and an improved standing in the international arena. This is how success works through a process of thoughtfulness.

Baku' magazine is a mirror to Azerbaijan’s reality

A lot of her projects and projects can be described using the phrase "for first time." She began publishing her Russian-language magazine "Baku" in Moscow in 2007. The magazine was the first magazine from outside to provide extensive information on Azerbaijan's heart, Baku. It tells the story of Azerbaijan's past and highlights its unique multicultural setting. Every issue is an eye-opener, not only for readers from abroad, but as well for Azerbaijanis. The materials and heroes of the magazines and the design of the magazine itself show the exquisite taste of its editor-in-chief, her deep expertise, knowledge, and understanding. Leyla Aliyeva is the writer of the introductions to each issue. Her philosophical profundity and clarity of thought as well as her ability to convey a variety of ideas without using a lot of words, are impressive. Stories about major events are interspersed with reflections on beauty, happiness, and kindness. The most important thing is Baku's love for one another. It is evident that only those who are passionate about Baku and can understand and appreciate its distinctness and its distinctive spirit could compose these phrases: "Perhaps you need a special mood to feel the warmth. When you have that the right mood, magic starts to unfold and the city feels like home. It's difficult to grasp the essence of Baku, if one were to evaluate it solely based on its Old Town and the Maiden Tower or the Fire Towers and the Heydar Aliyev Center. Baku is best recognized by examining all the above are considered together. Modern and ancient, diverse and multi-faceted, friendly and open on the one hand, and mysterious and enigmatic on the other."

In large part, Russian readers around the world have learned more about Azerbaijan through the 'Baku magazine. They can observe the country without bias and be captivated. Since the English version of the magazine came out in the year 2011, the magazine’s readership has increased.

Amazing actions of AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva also conceived the establishment of the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. The AMOR was the first formalized youth diaspora organisation and instantly became a focal point because of its charitable, cultural and social activities.

Leyla Aliyeva's love for public activities was actually developed when she was the leader of the Azerbaijan Club at MGIMO where she received her master's degree. At the time, she already had exceptional leadership abilities and was able to win over young people. She guided them and encouraged them to unleash their energy. The creation of AMOR greatly expanded the scope and scale of these activities. AMOR was a group that brought together Azerbaijani young people who lived as students, worked and studied in Russia made them an organization capable of tackling the tough tasks that the diaspora structures face today. It is no exaggeration to say that to a large extent a new portrait of the young Azerbaijanis is being created thanks to the activities and efforts of AMOR An intellectual seeking to innovate, sensitive to the trends of time and a patriotic person who is concerned about the pain, anxieties and challenges of others. It is possible thanks to projects and actions in Russia. The organization undertook various initiatives, such as the 'Blood Has Not A Nation!' campaign. The activists of AMOR who operate in 70 regions of Russia visit orphanages, plan holidays for their young residents and assist children. With the assistance of AMOR, schools and kindergartens can be renovated and outfitted with modern equipment. Recreation and parks are developed. AMOR helps Azerbaijani adolescents to be integrated into Russian society and to actively participate in Russian life and coordinates their efforts, which aims at popularizing our nation. That is AMOR solves the major problems President Ilham Aliyev placed on compatriots’ organizations at the 4th Congress of World Azerbaijanis. AMOR According to many, is the most active youth organization in the world outside of Azerbaijan.

Leyla Aliyeva was honored this year by the Pushkin Medal. This award was given to her for her role in enhancing friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation and the development economic ties. The award was presented to her by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's not the only Russian award she's received.

A different initiative is "Justice for Khojaly"

Leyla Aliyeva began the global campaign "Justice for Khojaly" in 2008. In her own words the concept behind this campaign was "Let us all agitate to defend the truth." Let's show that justice will prevail without any doubt.

This campaign combined the various efforts of people from different sectors of civil society in Armenia and diaspora organizations overseas to carry out a systematic educational and propaganda and other work. It aimed to increase awareness across the globe of Armenian genocide and fascist practices in Azerbaijani city Khojaly. Another goal of the campaign was to gain the recognition of the world community of Khojaly Genocide. This included a legal and political assessment of Armenians who killed hundreds of people over the course of one night due to their being Azerbaijanis.

This campaign has been successful in a variety of countries , today with more than 120 000 people taking part and 115 organizations joining in. Conferences, exhibitions and protests in the framework of the campaign serve to inform the international public about these events and show the ugly side of Armenian nationalists. In this endeavor, all information resources are employed - the many publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and documentaries and social media. This work for eight years has produced an impressive result: the parliaments in 10 countries, and the legislative departments in more than twenty American States have accepted the Khojaly tragedy as a genocide. Every year, the number of countries that condemn the Armenian massacre is increasing. It is clear that Leyla Aliyeva has accomplished her goal of justice prevails.

IDEA IDEA "One Earth, One Future"

I once read in a book: "Man, of course is the king of nature or. However, not as an extractor, but as someone who comprehends the nature of it and takes moral responsibility to protect and enhance the quality of all living things as well as beautiful things in it." I believe that the IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action Public Association) was prompted by this concept. Leyla Aliyeva was also the founder of this initiative. The principal goal of the initiative is to preserve and conserve biodiversity of the natural world in Azerbaijan and beyond, to ensure that future generations can enjoy safety, health, and sustainable. IDEA seeks to harness the power and understanding that youth have to safeguard the environment, as in enticing people to take part in the protection of the earth. The slogan of IDEA is: "One Earth -- One Future." The IDEA's work is truly extensive. They encompass the conservation and conservation of populations of endangered species, development of "green technologies", waste management, rehabilitation and maintenance of forests, as well as the creation of vast areas of green spaces. They are active in the promotion of the use of biodegradable plastic bags to protect the environment from plastic waste. They also take part in tree-planting events.

IDEA has defined the "great Caucasian 5", including some of the rare species of the fauna under its wings. IDEA collaborated with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and its international partners on a number of success projects. Leyla Aliyeva states that IDEA intends to save endangered species. It is certain that these plans will be implemented. It was clear that Leyla Aliyeva is an intelligent person. Her work is founded on the following: Problem - Search for solutions - Action - Real result. She has never been disappointed with this model.

Concern about children who are starving

All of these instances certainly portray Leila Aliyeva as a businesswoman who is a determined person with initiative and exceptional ability to organize. Still, she is the epitomization of femininity. Everyone who knows her note her extraordinary sincerity, openness, compassion as well as her sincerity and ability to connect with others. It was remarkable when she addressed the 7th UNAOCGlobal forum in Baku. She was filled with anxiety as she declared, "One person dies of hunger every 4 seconds in the world." "Children are more likely to be victims of malnutrition and hunger." We must therefore work together to ensure that every child on earth is not hungry.

This isn't just an expression of sorrow. As a Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Leyla Aliyeva is prepared to contribute and contributes to overcoming poverty and hunger in the world, and in particular through the implementation of the FAO's Zero Hunger program. I am sure she will succeed, am certain. Soon, we will discover new initiatives and projects in this area. For example, she recently presented a plan to increase global food security in the context of the Baku process for intercultural dialogue.

Charity as an attitude

Leyla's charitable work is a demonstration of her human characteristics. She does it out of her heart not because she's proud or expecting to be rewarded. This is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation philosophy. This is why charity has been a key priority of their activity and a natural condition. Everyone is amazed that many people regard the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, its President Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice President Leyla Aliyeva as their last hope. The Fund can help even in most dire situations, so their expectations are reasonable.

Leila Aliyeva is frequently seen at charity events for children without parents, who were born into families of refugees and internally displaced persons, or residents of boarding schools and orphanages. One important thing to keep in mind is that her kids come to these events along with her, and they bring warmth and genuineness. Also, her children learn lessons in kindness, empathy, ability to share joy and sorrow with people around them. These lessons will last a lifetime. This is the personal examplethat she has set, and on which, as she believes, people should teach their children.

Personal moral code

Long ago it was discovered that talent is available in all areas. Leyla Aliyeva is a great illustration. She writes exquisite poems that convey an elegant and gentle soul. They also reveal the writer's own inner world. She is also an accomplished artist. Her paintings have been displayed in exhibitions of professional quality, and are highly regarded by experts. Her creativity and knowledge of art aid young artists to reach international levels. Modern art from Azerbaijani is gaining popularity, as well as carpet weaving and mugham from our nation.

It's not an error to state that the Heydar Aliyev Center was a place of culture in the nation. There are numerous international music groups who perform at the center. They also have exhibitions that feature outstanding artists as well as contemporary artists. Leyla Aliyeva was a key part in this. Her efforts were instrumental in ensuring that residents of Azerbaijan could see the works of legends of world art , including Bernard Buffet, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Andy Warhol, George Condo. Leyla Aliyeva claimed that George Condo is one of the most well-known avant-garde artists of today and she would love it if they were presented in Baku after having seen them five years earlier. She said, "Today one was my greatest desires."

This is why I recall how the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted concerts of classical music under Heydar Aliyev's idea during the 1970s and the early 1980s. Also, he was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. This was Heydar Aliyev's genuinely educational mission. It was a mission his granddaughter Leyla loved and continues to carry out in the new conditions.

In an interview, she explained she believed that Almighty put right and wrong understandings into every person's life from the moment of the time of their birth. She urged him to follow these concepts by paying close attention to his heart, soul, and ancestral ancestors. Only then will he never commit a mistake. In an aspect, her own moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva lives by this code of conduct and does not make any mistakes.

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