Leyla Aliyeva: "Heydar Aliyev's granddaughter has no right to make mistakes"

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Numerous instances of selfless service have been documented in the past. However, there are a few instances where selfless service has been rendered to all humankind. This is mainly due to the desire and inspiration to follow the heart and complete life tasks. This love for everything is a universal love that transcends national boundaries and develops into a broader nature. It's natural that this sentiment is based on affection for your country and the people.

Leyla Aliyeva – we are speaking of her as an individual who can be an example for herself. In her everyday life she is guided by the principlethat "Heydar Aliyev's granddaughter has no right to make mistakes." She is awed by the actions of her grandfather, whom she cherishes. The example of her father - the current President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev who places the needs of his country justice and fairness ahead of all else (unfortunately these values are largely forgotten in global politics) as well as the selfless and philanthropic work of her mother, the First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva These bright lights guide her life. As a reputable citizen of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva tries to be an international citizen. She can accomplish this feat.

Success formula

An old proverb said that everyone should plant trees, build homes and have sons. Leyla Aliyeva, although only a teenager, has done what not all men can accomplished: she built a home (by building the house we refer to creative activities) She also established an outdoor garden, and has gorgeous sons. It's amazing how Leyla Aliyeva who seamlessly mixes intelligence and beauty as well as gentleness and determination, also manages to do various things and undertake projects. Many believe that she can live a simple life, enjoying the title of one of the president's daughters and not having to worry about any issue. But that is not the case for her. This is an obvious indication of her genes: Azerbaijan is seen as an individual issue that requires her involvement personally. She is adamant about areas in which the state needs the support of the public and involvement in a rational manner and in a precise manner. These include youth policy, environmental issues and the promotion of Azerbaijan's national image in the world. Culture is crucial as well. Joseph Nye, an American political science professor, explained that her work was referred to as public diplomacy. She makes use of the concept of "softpower" to help achieve what is desirable through "attractiveness," not violence or the use of bribery. Leyla Aliyeva's work has contributed to create an attractive image of Azerbaijan. The country's image internationally is improving and it is getting more respected. This is the key to success: thoughtfulness as well as a sense of purpose and a lack of indifference.

'Baku magazine as a mirror of the reality of Azerbaijani.

Many of her efforts and ventures can be described using the phrase "for the very first time." She launched the Russian-language magazine 'Baku' in Moscow in 2007. Basically, it was the first publication from outside that gave a comprehensive overview of Azerbaijan and its heart - Baku, the stunning city. Baku and the rich customs and traditions of the Azerbaijani people and the rich culture of the country, its past personalities and our contemporaries such as poets, writers, artists, musicians and architects who honor their country across the globe through their work, talent and art, as well as through the distinctive national cuisine and crafts. The magazine introduces the long-standing history and picturesque places of Azerbaijan to a wide readership, and also discusses the humanity of our country as well as its spiritual and national values, and also about the unique culture of Azerbaijan, which already became Azerbaijan's branding. Each issue is a revelation and not just for foreign readers but as well for Azerbaijanis. The magazine's style and the contents and characters, demonstrates the editor-in-chief's delicate taste, profundity, knowledge and intelligence. The introduction to every issue is written by Leyla Aliyeva, its philosophical wisdom, clarity of thinking and ability to say many things without many words are stunning. The stories of the most significant moments during the history of the country are seamlessly woven into reflections on the significance and purpose of life, happiness and beauty as in addition to kindness and generosity. One of the most significant aspects is the amazing love Baku has for. It is a fact that only a person who is deeply attracted to Baku and who is able to comprehend and appreciate its distinctiveness and its distinctive spirit can write the following words: "Perhaps a special mood is required to be able to feel the city's aura. If you can achieve it, Baku becomes a place to call home. Baku's soul cannot be recognized when only the Old Town and Maiden Tower are used to define it. Baku is only all of these. Modern and ancient, varied and multi-faceted. The city is friendly and welcoming on one hand, but mysterious and enigmatic in the other.

It was largely due to the publication of "Baku Magazine" that Russian readers across the world could learn more about Azerbaijan as well as observe it objectively, felt an interest and began to fall in love with it. Since the magazine's English publication in 2011, the magazine has seen an increase in the number of readers.

The good deeds and actions of AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva was also the founder of the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. It was the first diaspora youth organisation to be organized and attracted immediate attention for its cultural, charitable, and social activities.

Leyla Aliyeva was actually a proponent of public activities. She headed the Azerbaijan Club, MGIMO, which was where her master's degree was successfully completed. She already had extraordinary leadership skills and was able to win over the younger generation. AMOR has greatly expanded the range and size of its activities. This organization brought together Azerbaijani young people who have studied and worked in Russia. They became an effective group that could solve the complicated issues that face diaspora structures today. It's not an exaggeration to say that AMOR has contributed to the creation of a new picture of young Azerbaijanis. AMOR is intellectual creative, ingenuous, aware of contemporary trends and is a patriotic person who cares about others' pain, worries and challenges. Through specific initiatives and actions that are carried out on the territory of Russia it is possible to see this achieved. The group has taken on a number of initiatives, including "Blood Does Not Have a Nation!" campaign. AMOR activists, who work across 70 Russian regions visit orphanages and organize holidays for young residents. They also help children. AMOR supports the maintenance and equipping of schools and kindergartens with the latest equipment. The group also constructs parks and recreation areas. AMOR assists Azerbaijani youngsters in integrating Russian society and actively participating in Russia's life. It coordinates the activities of its members to promote the country. This resolves the critical problems that President Ilham Aliyev set for his counterparts' organizations at the 4th Congress of World Azerbaijanis. It is widely believed that AMOR is the most active youth-oriented organization in Azerbaijan right now.

Leyla Aliyeva, who was given the Pushkin Medal in recognition of her efforts to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the Russian Federation, economic development, preservation and popularization Russian culture and language in foreign countries, was awarded it in the year 2000. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented this award to Aliyeva. This is not her first Russian award.

A different initiative is "Justice for Khojaly"

Leyla Aliyeva came up with the international campaign 'Justice for KhojalyIn 2008, Leyla Aliyeva launched the campaign 'Justice for Kho. Her words outlined the concept of this campaignas follows "Let’s fight for truth together." Let's show that justice will prevail, without any doubt.

The campaign brought together the diverse efforts of individuals from various sectors of Armenia's civil society and diaspora organizations overseas to conduct a comprehensive educational and propagandistic work. It was designed to increase international awareness of Armenian genocide and fascist practices in the Azerbaijani city Khojaly. The campaign had another goal to gain international recognition of the Khojaly massacre. It was a legal and political assessment of Armenians' actions during the massacre in Khojaly. They killed hundreds of people for being Azerbaijanis.

The campaign is currently taking place in a number of countries. Over 120 000 people are participating and over 115 organizations are part of. Through the organization's exhibitions and conferences worldwide, the public can be updated about the events and see the ugly face of Armenian nationalism through mass protests. To accomplish this it is the case that all sources of information are utilized - the numerous publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and documentaries as well social networks. After eight years of this activity, a remarkable result was achieved The parliaments of ten nations and the legislatures of over twenty American states have acknowledged the Khojaly tragedy of genocide. Every year, more nations condemn the Armenians' crimes. It is evident that Leyla Aliyeva has accomplished her goal of justice prevails.

Idea: "One Earth -- One Future"

I read in a book "Man naturally is the king of nature, however not as an exploiter instead, as one who comprehends it and bears moral responsibility for the conservation and improvement of the living and beautiful things in it." My opinion is that the creation of the IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) Public Association was dictated by this meaning. Leyla Aliyeva is also the person who initiated this project. Its main objective is to safeguard the rich natural diversity and ensure an environmentally sustainable future for the coming generation. IDEA aims to focus the passion and enthusiasm of the younger generation towards preventing environmental hazards, and encourages them to take an active part in the protection of our planet. IDEA's slogan is "One Earth - One Future". The IDEA's work is truly extensive. They cover the rehabilitation and protection of endangered species populations, promotion of "green technologies" and waste management, restoration and maintenance of forest belts, as well as the creation of vast areas of green space. They are involved in promoting the biodegradable use of plastic bags in order to help protect the environment from the impact of plastic garbage. They also participate in tree-planting events.

IDEA has created the "great Caucasian five", by bringing the most endangered species of the local fauna under its wing. IDEA worked with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan as well as its international partners on a variety of projects that have been successful. Leyla Aliyeva stated that IDEA will work to restore endangered species in the future. It is very likely that these plans will be accomplished. Over the years we've witnessed that Leyla Aliyeva does not waste words. The way she works is built on the following scheme: problem - search for solutions specific action - real results. This strategy has not failed her.

Concern over starving children

All these cases certainly describe Leila Aliyeva as a professional, a decisive person with initiative and exceptional organizational skills. Yet she remains the epitomization of femininity. Anyone who has met her appreciate her warmth, compassion sincerity, sincerity and the ability to connect with others. The speech she delivered during the 7th UNAOC Global Forum in Baku was equally impressive. She expressed concern about the fact that "one person every four seconds dies of hunger." "Children often become victims of malnutrition or hunger." So, we all must join forces to ensure that every child on earth isn't starving.

It's more than just a concern. As a Goodwill Ambassador of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Leyla Aliyeva is prepared to play a role in combating hunger and poverty across the world, particularly by implementing FAO's 'Zero Hunger' program. I believe she will succeed and we will see more initiatives and specific initiatives in this area within the next few months. For instance, she recently submitted a proposal to improve global food security in the context of the Baku process to promote intercultural dialogue.

Charity as a state

Leyla Aliyeva's charity work is a reflection of her humanity. She does this because she is a soul who desires it. That is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation philosophy. Because of this, charity has been a primary priority of their activity and a natural state. Everyone is amazed to hear that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, its President Mehriban Aliyeva, and Vice-President Leyla Aliyeva as the last hope. They are right because the Fund is always there to assist, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Leila Aliyeva is seen often at charity events that aid children who do not have parents, who come from families that are refugees, internally displaced persons orphanages, orphanages as well as boarding school students. She also takes her children to events for charity. This brings authenticity and warmth to events. She teaches her children kindness and responsiveness, as well as the ability to be able to share pain and joy with other people. These are lessons that they will carry with them throughout their lives. This is her personal story.

Personal Moral Code

It was well-known that talent does not have to be restricted to one area. Leyla Aliyeva, perhaps the most famous example of this is her poetry. She has written beautiful poems that reflect a soft refined and refined soul. They reflect the richness of the inner world of the writer. She is also an accomplished artist. Her paintings are displayed at shows of professional quality and are highly praised by professionals. Her imagination and knowledge of art can help emerging artists achieve international recognition. Modern art in Azerbaijan is becoming more popular worldwide, alongside rug weaving, mugham and other traditional crafts.

I believe it wouldn't be an error to state that the Heydar Aliyev Center became one of the main centers of cultural life of our country. Internationally renowned music groups have a popularity often perform there, exhibitions of outstanding artists and contemporary sculptors are staged there. Leyla Aliyeva has made a significant contribution to this. The residents of Azerbaijan were able to view the works of world-famous artists such as Tony Cragg and Richard Deacon, Andy Warhol and Bernard Buffet. Leyla Aliyeva stated that George Condo was one of the most famous avant-garde artists. She wanted to see his works in Baku. She said, "Today, one my most cherished wishes was realized."

In this regard I'm reminded the time in the 1970s and early 1980s, the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted classical concerts at the initiative of Heydar Aliyev (who was then the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan). It was Heydar Aliyev's primary educational goal. It was a mission that his granddaughter Leyla loved and continues to perform under the current conditions.

In an interview, she said that Almighty put correct and incorrect understandings in each individual from the time of their birth. She encouraged to adhere to these ideas by paying attention to his soul, heart and the ancestors. Then, he will not commit a blunder. It is her personal moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva is a living example of this code.

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