Leyla Aliyeva: "Heydar Aliyev's granddaughter has no right to make mistakes"

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There are many instances of both negative and positive of selfless service for a Motherland. There are only a few instances, however of selfless service to all humanity by inspiring. The love that is extends beyond national borders and becomes an international nature. It's not surprising that this emotion is rooted in affection for your home and country.

Leyla Aliyeva (we are talking about it) is a person who can assist her. Her decisions are guided by the notion that Heydar Aliyev's daughter is not entitled to the right to commit mistakes. She looks at every action from the perspective of her grandfather, whose memories she cherishes. The example of her father - the present President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev who values the interests of his country justice and fairness ahead of everything else (unfortunately this is a sentiment that has been lost in the world of political circles) as well as the philanthropy and selfless mission of her mother, First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, are bright beacons that illuminate her life. Leyla Aliyeva is an excellent citizen of Azerbaijan and tries to be an equal citizen of the rest of the world. And she actually manages to do so.

Formula for Success

A well-worn saying states that everyone should cultivate trees, construct houses and rear sons. Leyla Aliyeva, even though she was young, did something that every man can accomplish: she built a home (by building a home we are referring to creative activities), planted a tree and gave birth to gorgeous sons. It is amazing to see how Leyla Aliyeva can accomplish so many tasks and things. Some think she would be content living the life of an American president's daughter without worries and a good life. This isn't for her. It is obvious that her genes are evident the problems of Azerbaijan and everything aspects that impact it, such as its youth policy, are seen as her issue, and demands personal involvement. She only selects issues that need public participation and supports rationally, clearly and precisely: youth policy and environmental issues, promotion and conservation of the image of Azerbaijan abroad, the development of culture and tradition, and the creation of an objective perception of the Karabakh crisis, one of Azerbaijan's most important foreign policy aspects. Her work is described as public diplomacy. This "soft power" allows, according American political scientist Joseph Nye "allows for us to achieve the desirable through attractiveness, and not violence, and the use of bribery." Leyla Aliyeva 's work has contributed to establish a favorable image of Azerbaijan. The status of the country in the world is improving and is being more well-known. That is the secret to success: focus, purposefulness and unindifference.

Baku magazine a mirror of Azerbaijani's reality

Many of her initiatives and undertakings can be described with the phrase "for the first time." In 2007, she started to publish the Russian language magazine 'Baku,' in Moscow. Basically, it was the first publication from outside that offered a wealth of information on Azerbaijan and its heart , the beautiful city of Baku as well as the rich customs and traditions of the Azerbaijani people, the rich cultural life of Azerbaijan, its historic personalities and our contemporaries - writers, poets musicians, artists, architects, those who honor their country across the globe through their work, talent and art and through the unique national cuisine and the arts and crafts. It provides Azerbaijan's rich past and gorgeous places to a wide audience. It also discusses Azerbaijan's humanism, as well as its the spiritual and national values. Every issue is a thrilling discovery for Azerbaijanis and foreign readers. The heroes and materials of the magazines and the design of the magazine itself show the delicate taste of its editor-in chief as well as her extensive understanding, wisdom and intelligence. Leyla Aliyeva is also the author of each issue's introduction. Her philosophical profundity and clarity of thought as well as her ability to convey a variety of ideas without using a lot of words, are remarkable. Stories about major incidents that have happened or are anticipated to occur within the history of Baku are harmoniously coupled with thoughts on the significance of life, happiness and beauty, kindness and generosity. But perhaps the most important aspect is the immense love for Azerbaijan and Baku that is reflected throughout the text. Baku can only be loved by those who is able to appreciate its uniqueness and its spirit. The city becomes your home if you own it. Baku is one of the cities that has multiple layers. It's impossible to see its true essence if you just take a look at the Old Town and Maiden Towers. Baku can be described as everything. Baku is both ancient-modern multicultural, multifaceted and diverse with a warm and welcoming atmosphere on one side and mysterious and enigmatic at the other.

It is largely thanks to "Baku" magazine that Russian readers across the world gained a better understanding of Azerbaijan and were able to view it from a distance, develop an interest in the country, and ultimately be captivated by it. Since 2011, when the English version was first published, the magazine's readership grew significantly.

Excellent actions of AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva also created the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. It was the first organized youth diaspora organization and immediately attracted attention due to its charitable, cultural , and social activities.

Leyla Aliyeva was actually a proponent of public events. She led the Azerbaijan Club, MGIMO, which was where her master's degree was finished. At that time.she already showed outstanding leadership skills, and was able to win over youngsters, providing the appropriate direction to their unrestrained energy and daring new ideas. AMOR's creation significantly increased the scale and scope of the activities. AMOR was a group that brought together Azerbaijani youth who been educated, lived and worked in Russia. They were transformed into an organization that could be able to resolve the serious issues that diaspora structures currently have to face. I think it would be an understatement to say that in large part a new portrait of young Azerbaijanis has been created due to the activities and efforts of AMOR as an intellectual looking for new ideas, attentive to changing times and a patriotic person who is concerned about the pain, worries and issues of other people. This is all achieved through specific actions and projects that are carried out on the territory of Russia. The organization was involved in various initiatives, including the "Blood Has No Nation!" initiative. campaign. AMOR has 70 regional offices throughout Russia. Its volunteers visit orphanages to arrange holiday programs for children, offer assistanceand help in their daily lives. Schools and kindergartens are repaired and equipped with the latest technology on the initiative and with the support of the organization. The organization also creates recreational and parks. AMOR is also able to assist Azerbaijani youngsters in integrating in Russian society. They actively engage actively in Russian life. AMOR is, according to according to popular opinion, the most active youth group that is not located in Azerbaijan.

Leyla Aliyeva, who was given the Pushkin Medal in recognition of her contributions to strengthening friendship and cooperative relations with the Russian Federation, economic development, preservation and popularization Russian language and culture abroad and was awarded it in the year 2000. The award was presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin. And it's not her only Russian award.

A different initiative is "Justice for Khojaly".

Leyla Aliyeva launched in 2008 the worldwide campaign "Justice for Khojaly". According to her own words, the concept behind this campaign was "Let us agitate together for truth." Let's demonstrate without a doubt that justice will triumph.

The campaign combined the various efforts of different people, civil society in Azerbaijan and diaspora groups abroad to do systematic educational and propagandistic work. The goal was order to raise international awareness of Armenia's genocide that occurred in Khojaly, Azerbaijani. The campaign had another goal to gain international recognition of the Khojaly massacre. It was a purely political and legally based evaluation of Armenians' actions during the massacre in Khojaly. They massacred hundreds of people because they were Azerbaijanis.

Today this campaign is successfully carried out in dozens of countries. Over 120 thousand people and 115 organisations are part of it. Conferences, exhibitions and massive protests that are organized within the framework of the campaign serve to inform the international public about these events and show the dark side of Armenian nationalists. This project makes extensive use of all information resources including multiple publications from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Documentaries and social networks are also used extensively. Eight years of this activity has yielded a remarkable outcome: parliaments from 10 countries as well as the legislative departments in more than 20 American States have acknowledged the Khojaly tragedy to be genocide. Every year, the list of countries that condemn the Armenian war crimes is increasing. This means that the objective of the campaign launched by Leyla Aliyeva, will be achieved Justice will prevail.


In one of my books, I found: "Man is, of necessity the king and queen of nature. However, not as an exploiter but as someone who understands it, and who has a the moral obligation to protect it and development. According to me, the creation of the IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) Public Association was dictated by this meaning. Leyla Aliyeva also created this project. Their primary goal is to safeguard the natural diversity of Azerbaijan. IDEA is a way to focus the energy and knowledge of the younger generation towards preventing environmental threats, motivating it to play an active role in protecting our planet. IDEA's slogan is "One Earth, One Future". IDEA's work has a broad range. They concentrate on the rehabilitation and protection of endangered species, and they promote "green technology". They actively participate in the promotion of the biodegradable use of plastic bags in order to protect the environment from the impact of plastic waste. They also participate in tree-planting activities.

IDEA established the "great Caucasian five", which brings rare species of the local fauna under its wings. IDEA collaborated with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan along with other international partners in implementing a variety of successful initiatives. Leyla Aliyeva said that IDEA intends to restore endangered species in the near future. There is no doubt that these plans will be achieved. Through the years, it has been possible to confirm that Leyla Aliyeva , like her great grandfather and father isn't a waste of words. Her work is based on the following method: problem - look for ways to resolve it Specific action - actual result. This method has never worked for her.

Concern about starving children

All of these instances certainly portray Leila Aliyeva as a professional, a decisive person with a great sense of initiative and abilities to manage. Yet, she is still the perfect example of femininity. Everyone who knows her appreciates her kindness and openness. The speech she delivered at the 7th UNAOC Global Forum in Baku was equally impressive. "One person around the globe is killed by hunger every 4 seconds," she noted with anxiety. "Children tend to be the victims of undernutrition and hunger." So we all must strive to ensure that there is no child who will die of hunger."

It's not just a matter of concern. Leyla Aliyeva has been appointed Goodwill Ambassador to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She is eager to do her part and to help eradicate hunger and poverty in the world. She will succeed, I am certain. We will soon witness new initiatives and initiatives within this sector. She has recently made a suggestion for the promotion of global food security in the context of the Baku process of intercultural dialogue.

Charity - A state of mind

Leyla Aliyeva 's charity work is an expression of her human nature. She acts from her heart, not because she is proud or expecting to be rewarded. That is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation's principle. Charity has become an essential priority. The people view the Heydar Aliyev Foundation's president Mehriban Aliyeva, or Vice-President Leyla Aliyeva as their only hope. Their expectations are justified since the Fund always provides assistance, even in the most hopeless circumstances.

Leila Aliyeva, who is a refugee from internally displaced people and children in orphanages and other school boarding facilities, is often be found at charity events. A key point to remember is that her children attend these events with her, and they bring warmth and genuineness. Also, her children learn lessons in kindness, empathy and the ability to share their joy and sorrow with people around them. They will cherish these lessons for the rest their lives. Her personal example.

Personal moral code

Long ago, it was recognized that talent can be found across all fields. Leyla Aliyeva is the most exemplary example of this. She writes exquisite poems that show the refined and gentle side of her. They also reveal the writer's own inner world. She is also an accomplished painter. Her work is displayed in professional exhibitions and have been praised by experts. She is an accomplished artist and a creative individual who is also a skilled artist. Along with the mugham, carpet weaving as well as other crafts from our country The modern art of Azerbaijan has been gaining popularity across the globe.

It would not be wrong to state that the Heydar Aliyev Center has become one of the most important centers of culture in the country. There are concerts featuring international musicians and also exhibitions of contemporary sculptors and exceptional artists. Leyla Aliyeva was a key contributor to this. Thanks to her efforts, people living in Azerbaijan were able to view the work of legendary artists in the world of art: Bernard Buffet, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Andy Warhol, George Condo. Leyla Aliyeva who was present at the Heydar Aliyev Center's opening ceremony of George Condo, one of the most well-known avant-garde artists of the present, said she'd seen his works five years prior and wanted them to be displayed in Baku. She stated, "Today one was my deepest wishes."

In this regard I am reminded of the 1970s and 1980s, in which the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted classical concerts on the idea of Heydar Aliyev, who at the time was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. This was Heydar Aliyev's education mission. His daughter Leyla has been able to accept the mission and is continuing the mission in new conditions.

In one of her appearances, she mentioned that as soon as someone is born, the Almighty put an understanding of the right and wrong in him, and he must adhere to these principles throughout his life by listening to heart, his conscience and soul as well as his ancestors. Only then can he not make a mistake. In a sense this is her own personal moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva is a true follower of the code and never makes any mistakes.

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