Co Sprawić Żeby Nie Inwestować Długu?

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What is more (as I believe) the measure of determining this coin (market value) which, even if it is proper in this matter (determining the measure) must be excluded from measuring. It must be recognized though, as a measure of a debt (determining the price to pay) always in the manner specified by authorities and dependent (value indication of price determination) on their ordinances, buying or selling anything or even making a loss in different ways. And even if dokumenty do pobrania intended to remove it through evaluating the old coins lower in comparison to the new one as far as its value is worse or paltry, one could not do it without making any mistakes. For such vast is the diversity of groshens and solidi and even denarius that it is almost impossible to distinguish particular coins from each other and give price according to their varied value. For once everyone should make a small loss without a murmur - as long as a loss might be called what could consequently generate a greater profit and the Republic would achieve increase in wealth. And what was explained about a silver coin might be applied for the most part to zaś gold coin.

Thus, 24 light grivnas made 1 pound of silver; still though they had to have some fraction of value when nobody thought about their improvement. Thus, estimation was duly linked with the value. So when so many disasters befell both the coins and through it the entire motherland the goldsmiths themselves and those who are familiar with precious ores use its misfortunes. However, we can distinguish the value of commodity money at the moment as higher from its value as currency, whose value is fixed, different from its exchange for coins. However, if they have common good in view they could not deny that a proper coin not only is good for the country but also for themselves and all social classes, the bad coin is pernicious though. However, one might claim that the poor coin is more convenient in social relationships as it serves help to poorer people ensuring corn at affordable price and making it easier to meet people's other needs of life. It was mentioned above that gold and silver form a sound basis of a proper coin.

Moreover, it is known that countries where good coins are in circulation, possess works of art, excellent craftsmen and everything in abundance and contrary to those countries where bad coins are in circulation, due to laziness, sloth and persistent inaction art and science are neglected, and scarcity could be sensed in every aspect of live. A good coin makes everything more costly and is above custom burden for farmers and those paying annual rents. It is so inappropriate to issue a new, good coin, when there is the older, bad one still in circulation - and here, how much more everything went wrong, when the old, better coin still in circulation was replaced by a new, worse one. Some of the merchants and craftsmen might be of the same opinion as they do not lose anything for due to the value of gold their goods and other products are sold and the poorer the coin the higher amount they receive.

Therefore, it is a slow and veiled reason for the fall of republics. Such an opinion will be praised by those being under the threat of loosing profit, those who have been allowed to mint coins so far. It is also necessary that after the issuance of the new coin the old one is withdrawn and banned from circulation and its exchange for the new coin is allowed in the mints in accordance to significant value. Newly introduced money was always worse from its predecessor. 110 of Hungarian florins of fair and equal weight, each of 72 grammes, make a pound (a pound is always meant by 2 grivnas in weight). The proportion was decreasing until the ratio was finally changed and 3 parts of copper were mixed with 1 of silver so it would be more appropriate to call those coins copper ones and not silver, since always 112 solidi made half a pound.

And as both the respect and the value of the coins were gradually disappearing it was still minted, which due to insufficient money circulation turned out to be unequal to the previous ones. Whereas, when the value of money was gradually decreasing our motherland collapsed and through this plague and other disasters was brought to utter ruin. dokumenty is the cause of constant and common complaints, that all the services and whatever is in use including journeymen wages and craftsmen labour exceeds the usual price. Therefore, they are rightly exchanged for pure gold in bars of the same weight as the value of the stamp compensates for this lack. Coins go into circulation under the names “'mark”' (“grivna”) and “'skojec”' (units of currency) etc., and both are under these names a measure of weight. Hence, twofold “grivna” was imposed : new and old solidi. Indeed, due to differential amount and weight under such circumstances , whenever mark (“grivna”) is mentioned as a means of quantity it represents two-mark pound of weight where a mark of weight consists of half a pound of weight. But the loss of a measured standard of weight in certain amount is not noticed. It afflicted and destroyed the value of the previous one and finally the value of solidi equalled the relative value of groshen.

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