What is Outfit?

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In fashion, there is a widely used term that is outfit. So what is Outfit? What is Outfit of the Day? What are the current trending fashion outfits?. Let's also learn about Thuy Bich below to have the most detailed look!

Outfit is an English word, outfit is a term in fashion that is used very commonly in articles. In simple terms, it means an outfit that includes all parts and accessories such as clothes, hats, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. Originally, this term was used for women. However, with modern trends, the term is used for both men. When someone says an outfit, they mean the equivalent of a set of clothes.

To make it easier to understand we will give you an example; Your school uniform is a shirt + skirt. Such an outfit can be called an outfit.

In addition, Outfit is also used to refer to clothes for a special occasion such as: graduation wear, carnival costume ... Outfit is any outfit you wear. In some cases outfix is ​​also used as a verb. The meaning of the verb "outfit" to indicate "equip" or "provide". When you travel, you must bring water and sunscreen.
For example, if you are complimented "Today's outfit is so beautiful", it means that the overall look of your outfit today is beautiful, well coordinated, eye-catching, and attractive to people around.

Usually, the word outfit for office women is a shirt and a tight skirt. For the office environment, it is necessary to ensure politeness and professionalism, so do not choose dresses that are too tight or dresses that are too short. For women who prefer comfort, they can choose an outfit that includes trousers or jeans combined with a shirt. These items are often accompanied by high heels or doll shoes.

Office Outfits

Items commonly found in the office environment include:

Shirt: white shirt, colored shirt…

Pants: European pants, Baggy pants, Jeans…


Shoes: doll shoes, high heels, sports shoes

Hand bag

Shirt + casual pants + high heels

This is the basic set of every office girl, they are applied to almost every profession. Overall, it can be a bit "dumb" and "stiff". But the advantage is being discreet, creating politeness and professionalism at work.
You are too young to wear this outfit, so change the white shirt with a more stylized or textured shirt. High heels can choose striking colors or many textures such as bows, drawings... Not only convenient in work but also more beautiful in appearance.

One-piece dress + doll shoes

The one-piece dresses will be her first choice in a youthful and dynamic style. No need to be too fussy but still stand out attractively and politely in the office.

However, when choosing one-piece dresses, you need to make sure they really fit your body. Not too wide or too tight or you don't want to ruin your whole outfit.

To choose shoes to go with this outfit, you must consider your body shape. If you have a well-proportioned figure, good height and slim figure, doll shoes will be the perfect choice. And if your height is modest, think about high heels, just cheat your height, lengthen your legs but still be elegant in the office.

Shirt + skirt

Shirt with skirt will bring freshness in the working environment. Off-shoulder top mixed with A-line skirt; Loose shirt mixed with 1 pencil skirt…. They will bring you to be surprisingly charming and youthful.
With women's party costumes, they can often be mentioned as one-piece dresses, long dresses. They are often combined with high heels, women can accentuate with accessories and bags.

This outfix shows politeness but still respects the figure and beauty of the wearer. Depending on the style preferences or physique of each person, they will be dressed in many different ways, coordinating jewelry to harmonize with many outfits.

Outfits for parties usually include:

For women: party dresses, knee-length or leg-length skirts, high heels, bags, jewelry and accompanying accessories...

For men: Shirt, European pants, Vest, Caravan, Western shoes, accessories...

Most party Outfits these days are associated with long dresses and high heels. However, with thousands of different outfits and shoe accessories, you will never be afraid of not knowing how to mix or be bored.

Dress + bag + heels of the same color

This is definitely the right luxury outfit for her party. In cases like this, the outfits of the same color will stand out the most. Black-red is the most popular choice.
Vest + western shoes

This is the traditional evening dress for gentlemen. This is the most dapper, polite and masculine outfit for men. If the weather is a bit hot, choose stylish shirt models for more ventilation. Casual shirt, western shoes will be the best combination. This style is suitable for almost all ages from young people to men successful, mature, middle-aged.
The name Street Outfit says it all. They are widely applied to most outdoor activities. From street walks, sports activities, outdoor parties... They all have one thing in common that is to promote comfort, ease of movement, coolness...

Street outfits often have:

T-shirts: T-shirts, T-shirts, loose-fitting shirts, crop tops, tank tops, 2-piece tops...

Pants: sports pants, Legging pants, Baggy pants, Jeans pants…

Dresses, dresses: princess dresses, cake dresses…

Shoes: Sports shoes, flip flops, doll shoes…

Street fashion is always an endless topic for you to confidently mix according to your preferences. You are free in an unrestricted outfit, confident to be yourself.
Crop top + Baggy pants + sneakers

Each item in it offers a certain comfort in itself. Move freely in sneakers, not constrained by tight jeans. Comfortably confident but equally seductive, Crop top shows off her beautiful waistline.

Shorts + t-shirt + flip flops

Equally dynamic, it is the short shorts and light T-shirts that have become the symbol for summer. Simple but not monotonous, no need to be bundled in these shoes, you can let your feet relax completely.

T-shirt + high-waisted pants

This is considered the summer fashion trend of 2020. The high-waisted pants are the item that helps to "hack" the top shape, showing off the endlessly long legs. Meanwhile, T-shirts are comfortable, youthful, true to the street fashion style.

In addition to the usual Outfits, there are also free Outfits that do not follow any rules. They are disruptive costumes that express the uniqueness and personality of the wearer. These outfits, depending on the fashion sense of each person, will find them eye-catching or quite strange. But the advantage is that you will never be able to find these outfits in regular outfits.

Some things related to the definition of freelance Outfit can be mentioned as follows:

Blazer: This shirt has a sleeveless design, exclusively for men

Tunic: A long dress that goes over the butt.

Leather: Jackets are made of leather for both men and women.

Balloon-sleeve: They look like bat blouses, but are hugged at the arms, the sleeves are baggy

Tuxedo: This is a specialized shirt for men. At first glance, it looks like a basic vest but has a long flap and pocket at the waist.

Biker jacket: A leather jacket with metal spikes attached to it. They are often worn by car enthusiasts.
Cape: A type of cape but without sleeves.

Tank top: This is the name reserved for sleeveless shirts such as tank tops, two-piece tops, blouses, etc.

Harem pants: This is a type of clothing designed to hug from the back of the hip to the ankle.

Baggy trend: Layered, baggy clothes. A typical representative of street style.

Boot-cut: Also known as flared pants, designed to hug at the knee, wide leg pants made of Jeans.

Fringed: is the common name for tassels.

One shoulder: A dress with an off-the-shoulder design or with criss-cross straps. Usually designed to be tight, reserved for sexy girls who like to be sexy.

Casual: is a word used for everyday wear: T-shirt, shorts, loose

A-line: also known as the A-line skirt

Outfit of the day (often abbreviated as OOTD) is a way for fashion bloggers to express their personal style on a special day. OOTD is often known and spread widely through websites, social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as on YouTube videos. Previously, low-rise jeans combined with Forever 21 T-shirts was a classic phenomenon to talk about OOTD. Similar outfit of the week (OOTW) means the clothes that a person has worn for 1 week

Outfit is simply a way of calling the items on your body, that is, the outfit used is an outfit. The term outfit is a widely used and popular phrase in fashion. Below will be instructions on how to use women's outfits for winter days.
This must be the familiar beautiful outfit of the girls in winter. Jeans can be combined with most T-shirts, large life jackets, boots. If you are afraid of life jackets or shirts that are too big, too bulky. Revealing for you a remedy is to choose skinny pants that hug your body, cleverly showing off your long legs, owning an outfit like this you will not be afraid of the cold of winter but still beautiful and luxurious. eye-catching.
Some of you love the "over winter under summer" fashion style. The familiar items often seen are the upper skirt is a bomber jacket or a long coat, a life jacket mixed with high-heeled sneakers, showing off long slender legs. Add a pretty beanie and you've got a sporty outfit
Dressing Trendsc in the style of Korean street style is wearing loose clothes that are hotter than ever. This model of pants perfectly combines a belt and a sweatshirt. Slightly classic but more innovative, try to change yourself in this new style, maybe you will be satisfied.
The combination of leather jackets with short skirts and boots will be extremely suitable for girls with small bodies. With the advantage and highlight is the jacket that is both warm and luxurious for winter.
Korea seems to be the birthplace of cool outfits for young people. When idols hand-made outfits for themselves, it is believed that fans will wear the same outfits to look like idols, becoming a trend with fans. Here are the coolest outfits that you can fully utilize from the items available in your wardrobe:

An indispensable item in your men's wardrobe. Especially, for the weather that is turning to Autumn, this is an indispensable set. https://thuybich.com/outfit-la-gi/ , comfortable but still warm. Especially without losing the strong masculinity.

With a youthful and dynamic style, Joggers pants are an indispensable product. It goes well with almost any everyday outfit. Because joggers can easily help you mix with other accessories appropriately such as sneakers, necklaces, etc.
Originally designed for pilots, the main purpose was to keep warm. But later, improved and widely used for everyday wear. The sophistication in design, breaking new and new ways makes the bomber jacket an indispensable outfit for men.

In the fashion industry, outfits always play an extremely important role. The clothes and accessories are not too fancy or eye-catching, but if you know how to combine them together, you will create a very cool outfit. So, have you answered the definition of the word outfit yet? What are you waiting for to buy it for yourself?
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