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Polynomial model based on the ANOVA outcomes was fitted for every trait. Results of Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) confirmed the significant effect of irrigation on dried flower, the numbers of capitol per plant, capitol diameter and receptacle peak, and non vital effect on single capitol weight and leaf soluble carbohydrates. The results of discharge power, plasma treatment time, initiator dosage, acrylic acid dosage, vacuum diploma and neutralization ratio on water absorbency and grafting reaction time of the merchandise had been studied by single issue experiments. While, the impact of super absorbent polymer on was non important dried flower, the numbers of capitol per plant, capitol diameter, receptacle height, single capitol weight and leaf soluble carbohydrates Interaction impact between water deficit and polymer was vital on the yield of biomass, chlorophyll a, b, total chlorophyll and proline. Matricaria chamomilla, and the impact of tremendous absorbent polymers on discount of drought stress, a factorial experiment was performed primarily based on randomized full block design with three replications in Faculty of Agriculture of Urmia University on 2008. Treatments included water deficit stress (irrigation after 50, 100, a hundred and fifty and 200 mm evaporation from pan class A) and varying amounts of super absorbent polymer (0, 60, 120, 180, 240 and 300 kg/ha).

The best yield of biomass (1215.Fifty five kg/ha) was obtained from irrigation after 50 mm evaporation and zero kg/ha of polymer utility, and the lowest yield (164.Forty four kg/ha) was obtained from irrigation after 200 mm evaporation through the use of one hundred twenty kg/ha of polymer. The greatest proline accumulation (4.001 mg/g dry weight) belonged to irrigation after 200 mm evaporation with a hundred and twenty kg/ha of polymer, and the minimum leaf proline content material (0.748 mg/g dry weight) was noticed at irrigation after 100 mm evaporation with 300 kg/ha of polymer. The best plant peak, quantity and surface area of the leaf, contemporary and dry weight and diameter of plant was associated to irrigation after four days with 3% polymer software and the bottom was related to irrigation after 12 days with no software of polymer. While in layered application (10 cm and 15 cm) with the focus of 0.1%, infiltration capability of soil water could be enhanced, and the relevant cumulative infiltrations have been about 1.1 times larger than the management. Super-absorbent polymer (SAP) is able to absorb water by multiple instances more than its personal weight. A novel antibiotic super-absorbent polymer was synthesized from cassava starch,acrylic acid,and capsaicin by graft copolymerization in aqueous solution using ammonium persulfate and sodium bisulfate as initiator and N,N'-methylene biacrylamide as cross-linking agent.The results of response conditions on water absorption of the product had been investigated.The outcomes showed that the product had good water absorption underneath the following situations:adding extraction of capsaicin,reaction temperature 70 ℃,response time 2.5 h,neutralization degree of acrylic acid 85%,amount of initiator and cross-linking agent 0.6% and 0.04% respectively.

On this paper,the super absorbent polymer(SAP)was quick polymerized at high temperature with utilizing starch as the skeleton,acrylic acid(AA)as monomers,potassium persulfate(K 2S 2O 8)n because the initiator.The very best system was obtained by orthogonal experiments,and the products exhibited values of 1550 g H 2O/g pattern in deionized water and 95 g H 2O/g pattern in deionized oater and 95 g H 2O/g sample in zero 9 wt% NaCl answer. Objectives: Evaluation the affect of different ranges of super absorbent polymer (SAP) on lowering the effects of drought stress on some physiological traits and activity of some antioxidant enzymes in wheat crop. confirmed by exerting drought stress, the exercise of antioxidant enzymes increased and the levels of chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotenoids and relative water content material decreased. The T3 for 200 g SAP per tree improved the common soil moisture by about 21.53% as in comparison with T1 in the entire fruit interval, and increased average diurnal transpiration by about 20.62%. At the same time, the common weight and Vitamin C content material of every apricot fruit had been apparently larger than those of T1 and T2. Development status, absorption mechanism and performance characterization of super absorbent polymer (SAP) were launched.

In view of the dimensions up of a batch reactor for super absorbent polymer (SAP), a dynamic mathematical model of a commercial scale batch reactor was developed with mass steadiness, power balance, and complex polymerization kinetics. The water conservation performance of SAP in area was affected by the water uptake by crop. Excess or scarcity would restrain the water conservation of SAP. The results confirmed that the water conservation efficiency of SAP was extremely related to its sort and particle dimension. This study gives the information of SCB-SAP synthesis methods and highlights the present utility of SAP in oil business, together with the laboratory research and subject assessments. So as to review the potential of tremendous absorbent polymers (SAP) and mycorrhiza fungi software to mitigate hostile effects of lead (Pb) on wheat, a greenhouse experiment was conducted. RAHMANI, M., HABIBI, D., SHIRANIRAD, A., DANESHIAN, J., VALADABADI, S., MASHADI AKBAR BOUJAR, M., KHALATBARI, A., 2010. THE Effect OF SUPER ABSORBENT POLYMER ON YIELD, ANTIOXIDANT ENZYMES (CATALASE AND SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE) Activity AND CELL MEMBRANE STABILITY IN MUSTARD Under WATER DEFICIENCY STRESS Condition. S., GOLCHIN A., VAEZI A.R..

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