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How to handle it if your refrigerator stops cooling and freezing food? To start with, you should keep calm! Secondly, you mustn't permit the foods lose their freshness. To get this done, they can be taken outside in the event the weather conditions are cool. Take food towards the neighbors refrigerator in case you are friends with them. Other choices to quickly eat all of the food if it's warm outside. Incidentally, in the event the refrigerator door fits tightly enough and also the refrigerator has switched off, it is possible to leave the meal inside the refrigerator. With respect to the temperature within the room, the quantity of food and also the label of the refrigerator, cold will last from 3 to 30 hours. The freezer, due to the initially lower temperature, can store food for about a few days. Bare in mind that every opening from the refrigerator door gets hotter the foodstuff and reduces its life-span. Attention! When the refrigerator smells of burning, unplug it immediately! Now that you've saved the foodstuff, let's turn awareness of the refrigerator itself. Is there voltage inside the network? Turn on the lights within the room, bathroom or kitchen. Is the refrigerator coupled to the mains? Look into the socket visually, remove and insert the electric plug back. Is the outlet this agreement the refrigerator is connected working? Connect a kettle (with water), a hair dryer or another household electrical appliance to check the outlet. If everything works aside from refrigerator, you're ready to call Sub-zero refrigerator repair in Orange County experts.

What to check first in the event the freezer does not work? Sometimes, the freezer won't freeze not as a result of breakdowns with the unit itself, but because of straightforward inattention during operation. Before you pass the decision “broke” in your refrigerator, make sure you glance at the thermostat data. The optimal position, through which both items are normal and there's excessive strain on the motor, is between 3 and 4, which matches minus 18-19 degrees Celsius. Another common cause is ice buildup. If you find so much of it that this seal will not fit snugly, warm air enters the freezer. At that time once the motor "rests", the ice melts. It is crucial to defrost the refrigerator and thoroughly wipe the rubber seal. If the temperature regime is chosen correctly, no ice buildup is detected, and also the freezer still takes care of not work, then some form of problem has occurred. Don’t attempt to fix problems yourself, Make use of Sub-Zero Freezer Repair in Los angeles.

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