Super Absorbent Polymer Ideas

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In this paper,analysis of the corn starch-acrylic acid graft super absorbent polymer is studied by electron microscope,scan electron microscope,infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.Other properties,resembling water absorption speed,water-holding capability,efficiency reutilization,water-retention and reabsorption of the soil are studied.The consequence shows that: starch granules can't be seen within the surface of polymer,and haven't any effects in water absorption.The main issue to water absorption is the community construction formed by means of cross-linking.Then,water absorption and water-holding capacity under excessive temperature and strain were both superior. This impedes the capillaries (gel-blocking) that exist between the swollen SAP particles.16 Also, according to the gel swelling kinetic theory superior by Tanaka and Fillmore,17 surface crosslinking increases the swelling charge of SAPs.18 According to this theory, the rate of swelling will be represented by the cooperative diffusion coefficient of the community. Without of nitrogen gasoline,with the materials of potato starch,acrylic acid and acrylamide,ammonium persulfate as initiator with glycerol as crosslinking agent,salt-resisting super absorbent polymers was prepared by aqueous resolution polymerization method,and synthesis craft of potato starch salt-resisting super absorbent polymer was optimized.

Surface crosslinking produces stiffer particles and is considered one of the better reported strategies to increase superabsorption. The results show that SAP might trigger a lower in energy and the power decreases quicker with the rise of W/C. Due to the traits of oxidation and decomposition under light of super absorbent polymer(SAP),a laboratory soil column experiment was carried out to explore the impact of SAP on the vertical distribution of sandy soil moisture beneath different thickness of sand.We manipulated SAP application amount(0,0.1%,0.2% and 0.4%)and thickness of overlying sand(0cm,5cm,10 cm and 15cm)in a randomized block design for a complete of 16 remedy combinations beneath synthetic simulated rainfall condition to explore the impact of SAP on the vertical distribution of sand soil moisture(0-30cm)beneath different sand thickness.The outcomes showed that:(1)The dosage of SAP had direct and important influence on combined layer.(2)Soil moisture content of every layer elevated with the increase dosage of SAP,and the water content of 0-30 cm soil in numerous SAP remedies have been(18.78±0.52)%,(22.77±1.89)%,(37.01±10.55)%and(46.47±14.27)%,respectively.(3)Soil water content material underneath 4different sand thickness considerably differed,which elevated with soil depth.(4)When the dosage of SAP was 0.2% and sand thickness was 5cm,soil water moisture in 0-10cm,10-20cm and 20-30cm layer was 25.90%,37.19% and 41.68%,respectively.Therefore,this treatment mixture not solely saves effort and time,but additionally meets the needs of plant progress.

The experiment was carried out on potted trees and under polyethylene movie cowl protecting the droughty of pot from rainfall. The experiment was specified by randomized full design with five level (0.0, 0.5, 1, 2 and 3%) super absorbent polymer and three ranges of water irrigation together with four day (control), eight and 12 day from germination till two month and every of these levels was repeated ten replication at Khorasan Razavi Natural Resources and Agricultural Research Center. The experiment had been carried out 4 instances. An entire randomized design with 4 replications was used to evaluation the affect of soil amendment of super absorbent polymer on grain yield and yield components of corn in center of Iran in 2016 and 2017. Treatments with super absorbent polymer had been zero kg/ha (S1), 15 kg/ha (S2), 30 kg/ha (S3), and remedies with fertilizers were 50% (F1), 75% (F2), 100% (F3), which could be mixed into 9 pots. The affect of super absorbent polymer was important on spike weight in 2017, above-floor biomass in 2016, one hundred seed weight in 2016, and grain yield in 2017. There was of super absorbent polymer on spike weight in 2016, above-ground biomass in 2017, one hundred seed weight in 2017 and grain yield in 2016. Fertilizer therapies had important influence on spike weight, above-ground biomass, one hundred seed weight, and grain yield in each 2016 and 2017. The interaction between SAP and fertilizers had significant effect on above ground biomass in 2017. In each years, the very best spike weight, above ground biomass, 100 seed weight and grain yield was associated to S3 (30 kg/ha), followed by S2 (15 kg/ha) and S1 (0 kg/ha), respectively.

100% application of fertilizer (F3) had obtained the maximum spike weight, above ground biomass, a hundred seed weight and grain in both 2016 and 2017. Our information have shown that the applied SAP had a exceptional impact on corn development and yield underneath different fertilization treatments, and its application of 30 kg/ha gave the very best corn manufacturing index. The antioxidant enzymes actions in drought-careworn plants is likely to be accompanied with the production of active oxygen species (AOS). This enables for continued production even with a low stress gradient. As to the MDA content, the remedy of 0.5%HB1 was the lowest in all remedies on the eighth day, even on the tenth day of drought stress. Super absorbent resin ready from modification of natural polymers as a form of practical materials has developed quickly in recent years.The unique chemical structure makes pure polymers can absorb water tons of even hundreds of instances of their own weight.Natural polymers also can absorb some sorts of salt options in relatively giant quantity.The introduction of pure polymer into molecular structure made the obtained materials have good biodegradation capacity,these materials may be widely used in agriculture and forestry manufacturing,urban gardening,water conservation and the battle to drought and desertification.This paper summarizes the progress of super absorbent resin prepared from modification of pure polymers,current issues in software are discussed and further growth prospects are proposed.

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