Average car insurance estimate?

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I see these advertisements for inexpensive auto insurance with a low down payment. I have had three car insurance providers in my own life and not a single one has expected a down payment. Why could anybody choose a corporation that did?
"my spouse's automobile has been in the go shopping for weekly I've been driving him backandforth to work when i can and he's been wondering friends for rides when i am working recently I had been in a vehicle accidentAnd just how much may be the safety deposit often?

"Only ordered an automobile with a salvaged concept with full familiarity with thinking i'll save some cash. The car works fine"I'm generating monthly premiums on the brand new 2008 colbot that i got in dec 2007. I have looked around for full coverage car insuranceI am really upset with this particular insurance company who offered my 85-year old grandfather some life insurance. He gets $5000 worth for $91 each month! what a ripoff! They genuinely wish to purchase some insurance. does anybody know the top selection for them? Please help!
Basic solutions offed by insurance providers
"After spending my copay for birth control for around per year"No insurance provider can estimate me Estimation of insurance expense?
What is the typical monthly premium fee for individual medical health insurance protection?
Will 3 points raise my motor insurance by much?
"Hi I am currently 16 and soon-to be old enough to consider driving instructionsHow much would duty and it cost to insure the 300c to get a year and do they consume on fuel cheers
"I've just got my full UK operating license. I'm thinking of buying a vehicle. I understand when I am driver that when I buy car the insurance right now will be high
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