<h1>What are Breakdown and Recovery Tools for Vehicles?</h1>

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Breakdown and recovery tools are essential for any vehicle, but they are significant for drivers who need to get through unimpeded in the winter or areas with lots of snow and ice. They can conserve your life in an

emergency. Breakdown and recovery tools are tools you should never do without when you’re on the road.

A breakdown is an unexpected event that can leave you stranded on the road. Roadside assistance can help you out of an emergency. A roadside assistance kit should be your first line of defense against emergencies on the road.
A vehicle towing device is a piece of equipment that is used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to tow a vehicle, winch a vehicle out of mud or sand, and even pull the body out of a submerged vehicle.

A breakdown and recovery tool kit should include the following items.

1. Am-Tech 25mm Ratchet Tie Down (Gs)

Ratchet tie-downs have been around for decades, and they remain popular because they are easy to use and economical. They can be used for loads of any size, from small packages to large shipments, and no special tools or equipment are required. Ratchet restraints can also be used on flatbeds or trailers without restraint pins, making them an ideal choice for drivers who need to stop frequently on their routes.
•    Length: 4.5m x 25mm wide
•    Quick automatic release with heavy-duty plastic coated S hooks
•    Load rating capacity: 125kg

2. Clarke CJL41D HEAVY DUTY Professional Jump Leads

The Clarke CJL41D is a jump starter perfect for anyone who wants to be well prepared. It includes a lithium-ion battery that can store up to 400 amps of power. It also has an air compressor that you can use to inflate your tires and an integrated-in LED light so you can see what you’re doing even in the dark.
Rugged, professional-grade jumper cables provide good power transfer between vehicle batteries with minimal power loss. Always carry a pair to bail yourself or others out. They are of the highest quality and are ideal for general to heavy commercial use, with copper-jacketed aluminum cables, durable PVC sleeves, and sturdy clamps. performance power tools for gasoline engines up to 5.5 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters. Strong copper jaws for secure clamp connections. Cable size 3.5 m long x 41 mm cross-section. High-quality PVC sheathing, resistant to all automotive fluids. Fully insulated handles with recessed contact points minimize the risk of accidental short circuits. Maximum recommended gain 350 amps at 12 – 24 volts.

3. Clarke CTOW2B 2 Tonne Tow Rope

Tow ropes are a significant part of safety equipment. They are used to help vehicles that have broken down or are stuck. Tow ropes can pull a car, boat, or large trailer.
This 2 ton (2000 kg) capacity tow rope comes complete with forged heavy-duty hooks for quick and easy attachment to vehicle tow points and a warning flag. The rope has built-in elasticity to absorb sudden impacts for safe towing. Rot-proof material. Approx. 4 m long.
4. Clarke FP100 Single Barrel Foot Pump

A foot pedal operated air compressor is a device used to compress air and store it in a tank. It stores the compressed air in the tank and releases it when needed. It has a pump, an air tank, and an electric motor.
A single-cylinder air foot pump for tires, air mattresses, balloons, pool and beach toys, boats, and various other inflatable items. Rugged steel construction for long-term performance. 480 mm braided air hose with auto valve connector with a thumb latch. Dual calibrated 0-7BAR (0-100psi) scale with preset pressure guide. Comes with adapters for many popular inflatable items.

5. Sealey 28mm Mechanics Kneeling Mat EVA

The Sealey 28mm Mechanic’s Knee Mat is one of the best mats on the market for its price. It is very comfortable and provides good cushioning for your knees. Oil and water-resistant. Suitable for use on the workshop floor when working on wheels, brakes, tires, and exhaust systems. Also ideal for roadside repairs.

6. Silverline Car Emergency Kit 9pce

Comprehensive kit ideal for most car emergencies includes 2m jumper cable with copper-coated clamps, 3m tow rope with a steel hook, warning triangle with case (complies with ECE27), hi-vis safety vest (EN471), retractable flashlight with three super-bright LEDs, sturdy single barrel foot pump, emergency window shield, whistle, and ice scraper, all packed in a sturdy carry case.

7. Silverline Reflective Road Safety Triangle

A reflective road safety triangle can signal other motorists that a hazard is on the roadway. It should be placed so that it is visible from both directions of traffic.
8. Silverline Universal Emergency Bulb Kit 10pce

The emergency light bulb kit is an indispensable item that every household should own. It contains a set of light bulbs that can be lit with matches or lighters in an emergency. Although the concept of a light bulb emergency kit seems straightforward, many people do not know how to use it properly.
Ideal for maintenance and to take with you when traveling. Bulbs and fuses fit in most cars. Includes: Bulbs – H7, H4, H1, 501 capless, 207 12v 5w single pole, 382 12v 21w, 380 12V 21/5w and fuses – 10A, 15A and 20A.
9. Silverline Universal Emergency Push-Fit Filler Cap

The universal emergency filler cap with a push-fit is easy to install and use. It has a strong seal that prevents leakage. The universal emergency filler cap is made of high-quality materials and is durable. The universal emergency filler cap can be used for all types of fuel tanks, making it very versatile for all drivers. The universal emergency fuel cap comes with a key ring that you can use for emergencies or refuel your car on the go.
A temporary solution in case of loss or breakage of the fuel cap. Lightweight polypropylene and ABS plastic body with flexible fins for mounting diesel and gasoline filler necks. User-friendly slide design fits most cars and vans. Ideal for storage in glove compartments or garages.
10. US Pro 8 Pc Universal Lock Out Tool Kit

This set contains various high-quality lockout tools, including a ratchet, universal joint, and torque wrench. These tools are necessary for any technician who needs to work on machinery that requires an emergency shutdown or lockout.
US Pro 8-piece universal interlock tool kit includes a thin bar, comprehensive bar, wire S-hook, slide lock tool, miraculous tool, plastic clothes hanger, tank cap tool, and wedges.
If you want to buy Breakdown and Recovery Tools, please visit Tools and Accessories

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