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What are the steps to start Trezor login wallet?
Trezor is a hardware wallet to store and maintain cryptocurrency with the free Trezor web wallet access. It supports a wide range of cryptoassets and provides supreme security. It has proved to be quiet helpful for its users. Make sure you get a tamper proof seal box.

If you want to start Trezor login then read the guide carefully. Connect your Device and Install the Trezor Bridge and Firmware

Start by connecting the Trezor login One via the USB cord that will come along.

Open in your web browser. You need to have updated versions of chrome and Mozilla Firefox to access the Trezor wallet in your pc.

Select trezor login .io One as your device.

Now you need to download and install the Trezor login in your device and you are required to refresh the page. You will be asked to download Trezor login.

In case, you do not get the option to download on the screen you can use this link to do so.

Wait for the Trezor login to recognize your pc, once it does so then, it will ask you to install the firmware. Tap on “Install firmware” and wait until it installs completely and then reboot your pc. You might get asked to disconnect and reconnect your pc many times.

The Trezor login have access to only two buttons, left and right and that is to navigate the device. You will mainly come across the Web interface to know about balances and transactions you make.

Trezor login FAQ
Q1. What is the duration of warranty period?
Ans- The duration of warranty period starts from the date of the actual purchase of the and stays for up to two years in case of individual customers and one year in case of business customers.

Q2. What if the product doesn’t work properly and customer wants to return it ?
Ans- If you do not want to keep the product due to some issue with and wants to return it, then contact the customer support system, that is always to ready to help you. That will do their best to help you solve the problem.

Just in case, support team couldn’t resolve your problem then send back the product to the company and then company starts the RMA procedure. You don’t need to take tension; the company will provide all the required information when you contact them. You have to ensure that the product falls under warranty period.

Q3. What if somebody sends back the faulty product to the company?
Ans- When the company gets the product back, they check it properly. The company conducts inspection of the product. These are all the possible outcomes which can come:

If the company finds the product is working without creating any problem, they will send the original product back to customer.

If the company finds the is faulty, then they will send it for further inspection using laboratory equipment and testing.

The second point will lead to one of the following situations:

If the lab results clear out that the damage occurred due to mishandling of the product by the customer, the company will send back the original product to you.

If the is indeed faulty, the company will ship the replacement to you without any further delay. Company will cover the shipping fees, using the same shipping method as was used for customer’s original order.

Using PIN with Trezor login
Entering PIN

Trezor employs a basic method of PIN insertion. Trezor One uses a blind matrix. Trezor Model T uses its system’s own touch screen. Therefore, a PIN entered on a PC or a Smartphone has difference to the PIN entered on Trezor login hardware wallet because it cannot be taken by malware.

While preventing brute-force attacks, after every unsuccessful attempt, Trezor starts to delay period of the next trial of PIN insertion. This delay increases by the factor of two each time. Moreover, after 16 incorrect attempts, hardware wallet cleans up itself, making it possible to access your funds only with the usage of your recovery seed.

Setting up PIN

The PIN is set while setting up your device. The PIN can be up to 50 digits long and it is recommended to have a PIN that is four or more digits long without repeating itself.

Changing PIN

You can change the PIN in the basic settings of Trezor login Wallet. Visit the guide for further details.

Resetting lost or forgotten PIN

In case you have lost or didn’t remember your PIN, the only option left is to clean your device and recover it with your recovery seed. Once you recover it completely, you can set up a new PIN. In the case of loosing your recovery seed, there is pretty much nothing that you can do.
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