BlockFi Login- Get Interest on Crypto Holdings

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BlockFi is more than just a traditional cryptocurrency exchange and can do much more than just trading crypto. It is a platform that works similar as a bank offering loan facilities and interest rates on crypto holdings. Users can yield sound interest rate of 8.6% on crypto holdings and can also apply for loan backed with crypto holdings. Want more information related to BlockFi login account? This article will definitely help in guiding you how to sign up for new BlockFi account, benefits of BlockFi cryptocurrency exchange & how to get started with commission free exchange service.
What are the advantages of BlockFi login account?
User can access the following advantages, if they join BlockFi Login platform. Some of the advantages are enlisted below-
    BlockFi login primarily concentrates on offering commission free trading services.
    Customers can yield interest about 8.6% on crypto holdings if they use this platform for crypto trading.
    Users can apply for loa against their crypto holdings, in case you are falling short of finances. In this way you can save your cryptos for selling.
    The user interface of BlockFi Login platform is also extremely easy, feasible and user-friendly.
    BlockFi Login platform is regulated by a trusted authority in the United States
    Users can also access the "Automated trading" feature under BlockFi platform.
What is blockfi sign in to use BlockFi Login Account?
Given below are the steps to use BlockFi login account-:
    Firstly, sign up for a new BlockFi Login account.
    Now user will be asked to verify the identity.
    Once your identity has been verified, it’s time to log in to your BlockFi account with accurate login credentials.
    Thereafter, user can deposit cryptocurrency on BlockFi Account.
    Congratulations! You are all set to earn interest on crypto deposits.
What are the steps to sign up for a new BlockFi account?
1.    Get redirected to official BlockFi website through the given URL from any secured web browser.
2.    Locate and tap on the "Get Started" button on the home screen.
3.    Enter your legal name (as given on official documents), email ID, and a new password in allotted spaces.
4.    Type the referral code (it is completely optional)
5.    Now read the terms and conditions of the BlockFi account and check mark the box to agree.
6.    Click on the "Submit" button once it’s done
7.    Then, select the type of account type and provide on screen asked information.
As mentioned earlier, user need to verify your identity after completing the BlockFi login account signing up. Follow the below given steps to complete identity verification of your account-
What are the steps to verifying your identity with BlockFi account?
1.    Select one of the options to verify your identity on the page that opens after signing up.
2.    After selecting the ID option, upload the front side of the ID. Make sure the ID image is clear.
3.    Now, upload the backside of the chosen ID. This should also be clear.
4.    Now, choose the option to verify your identity- Send SMS, Send Email, Scan QR Code
5.    After landing on the success page, click on "Done"
Now, it's time to add money in your BlockFi account after completing the BlockFi login process.
What are the steps to log in to BlockFi account?
1.    Firstly, open the official BlockFi website URL on your device.
2.    Now, type the email address that you've previously registered with BlockFi and hit on "Next" button.
3.    The control will be redirected to the page where the user will be asked to enter your BlockFi login password
4.    After entering your email and password details, user need to click on the "Continue" button
5.    Now you can easily access your BlockFi Login account
BlockFi login is indeed the best cryptocurrency exchange if you want to get most out of your crypto holding as this platform more than just a trading ones. User can yield sound interest rates and can apply for loan against their crypto holdings. In this given article we have offered our users a walkthrough on what are the steps to sign up for new BlockFi account, what are the advantages of BlockFi cryptocurrency exchange & how to get started with commission free exchange service.
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