LG PuriCare 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier Launches with Hygiene and productnation

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Last Friday the team managed to tune in to the live-stream launch of lg water purifier Malaysia hosted by Maggy Wang and Dr. Say. The creation of the 4-WARD feature signals a change in the way LG caters to consumer calls for convenience, safety and hygiene.

Now, consumers don't need to worry as water is contained while dispensing, avoiding splashes and decreasing the likelihood of burns with domestic hot water. This is because of the 4-WARD feature, which includes the 3-Stage Filtration, the Up & Down Auto Moving Tap, as well as the Left & Right Moving Tap and Tray.

3-Stage Filtration System and Auto-Moving Taps
LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier contains 3-Stage Filtration System, eliminating microorganism and seven types of chemical toxins including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, iron, copper and aluminium within water.

The Up & Down Auto Moving Tap will detect the cup placed on the tray and automatically adjust the peak, dispensing the correct amount of water even though the Left & Right Moving Tap and Tray enable the product being installed vertically or horizontally so that consumers have access to the water purifier from your 180-degree direction.

Kim Kyutae, Managing Director of LG Electronics Malaysia claims that the debut of LG PuriCare™ in July last year was met with overwhelming support from Malaysian customers, resulting in a triple-digit sale growth for that company. This new water purifier marks LG's continued commitment in delivering innovative and modern products to increase the lives of Malaysians.

They are also confident that the brand new LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier provides Malaysians with added convenience, hygiene and safety at our homes.

As the first global home appliance brand to introduce the ‘tankless’ concept for water purifiers in Malaysia, the LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier continues its predecessor’s goal to provide consumers with unlimited, fresh-tasting water each and every time. This ‘tankless’ technology directly filters water with no need of a tank, where very damaging microorganisms form, ensuring heightened hygiene for consumers.

LG PuriCare™ water purifier incorporates Inverter Compressor and Induction Heating (IH) System, allowing people to enjoy hot, cold or room temperature water while saving energy by permitting rid of the necessity to reboil water. Using a quick touch, warm water is supplied at three different temperatures for your daily household usage: 85° for all coffee lovers, 75° for all tea enthusiasts and 40° for that perfect milk for babies.

Top-notch Service by Qualified LG Professionals

Consumers also can remain assured as LG PuriCare™ water purifier is supported by Total Service Care 1.2.3, an extensive service plan by qualified LG professionals. The 3 parts contain:

• One (1) year replacement care for internal pipes to secure product hygiene.
• Two (2) layers of UV sterilisation that's automatically activated every hour having an option for users to manually sterilise the product for five (5) minutes at any time.
• Complimentary service visits every three (3) months for product sanitation and/or filter change.

Monitor Water Consumption using the LG ThinQ™ Smartphone App
Consumers can download the LG ThinQ™ application on their own smartphone to monitor water consumption and use the Diagnosis mode to identify any product error. The LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier also is sold with Filter Change Alert, where consumers can simply monitor the lake purifier’s filter condition via an indication lamp to make certain performance is usually optimised.

The all-new LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier will come in three variations: White, Silver and Shiny Rose. From September onwards, consumers can get equip their homes with the newest LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier on the following prices:

Consumers can enjoy three-year free service with an outright purchase or as much as five-year free service with product rental. The free service includes annual internal pipe change and service visits for product sanitation and/or filter change for each and every 3 months.

To learn more regarding LG PuriCare™ 4-WARD Tankless Water Purifier and other award-winning products by LG Electronics please visit LG's official website or follow their official Facebook page. productnation

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