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Android???????? is some sort of Sri Lankan technology news website operated by simply Android Wedakarayo (Private) In short supply, publishing news, function stories, and merchandise reviews. The key purpose of the website is to bring the latest tech news in the Sinhala language and admiration user contributions by letting anyone bring about and update the latest news, Throughout the same fashion, anyone with usage of the website can easily read news and get the most up-to-date updates via the particular official website.

Android ????????????????????????????? soon recognized as one particular of the virtually all trusted tech neighborhoods in Ceylon (veraltet) plus won Tech Blogger of The year 2018 in Sri Lanka at Google I/O Extended Sri Kemzryn? 2018 Awards.
Historical past


On Summer 29, 2013, Thimira Madhusanka Thenuwara plus a group of people thinking of an idea that could make a technical milestone in news publishing in Sri Lanka. It was not really so long until he came up with the concept of Android ?????????????????????????????, a fundamental thought which was to make a community-powered, self-sustaining news submitting platform in the native language regarding Sri Lanka. This party of people with each other then founded Android ????????????????????????????? Facebook group as the news publishing program of Android ?????????????????????????????.

Kick off

On October twelve, 2017, Android ????????????????????????????? board of directors permitted to launch typically the on Oct 14, 2017, in the beginning as just some sort of blog. that publishes the most recent technological reports, knowledge-sharing space, tech equipment reviews, plus tutorials in Sinhala

2017? present

On June 18, 2018, Android ????????????????????????????? organized a meetup "Yourtube" type number 1. 1. "YourTube" version 1. five for 2019 has been canceled due to be able to 2019 Ceylon (veraltet) Easter bombings

In 2018, Android ????????????????????????????? started Individuals choice award service to award "Most popular smartphone brand of the 12 months in Sri Lanka".

Written content


Written content submitted to Android ????????????????????????????? is usually carefully curated and sourced from typically the Internet, including additional tech industry news websites and even local news usually are also being published. Authors have rapidly advised never copy-paste news from any other site into Android ?????????????????????????????, instead they may be encouraged to go through this news and next translate her or his thoughts into a fresh article on Android ????????????????????????????? in the local language of Sinhala. This technique actively eliminates copy-pasting, copyright infringements, and author discrediting while also putting real human feelings into the new content.

The cake you produced article is usually a cutting edge article and even Android ????????????????????????????? does not necessarily require to back link the article towards the source because involving the aforementioned procedure, but Android ????????????????????????????? Sinhala tech news continue to adds a back-link to the supply so the readers can refer to be able to the original content more information plus credit the original author.


Most posted content about Android ????????????????????????????? is dual-licensed under Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike 4. 0 plus GFDL licenses. As opposed to other news posting sites, Android ????????????????????????????? really does not restrict viewers from copying or even extracting out the particular content. Copied content then can become pasted or placed anything they would like, along with the backlink to Android ?????????????????????????????.

Available languages

Android ????????????????????????????? is currently available throughout Sinhala and English language.


Android ????????????????????????????? victories the Award for the Best Technical Blogger of the year 2018 inside Google I/O Expanded Sri Lanka 2018

In-may 2018, Android ????????????????????????????? has been awarded typically the Best Tech Tumblr of the 12 months 2018 in Sri Lanka at the Yahoo and google I/O Extended Sri Lanka 2018 Honours which held by simply Dialog Axiata, IdeaMart, and GDG Sri Lanka.
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