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I want to start out immediately by sharing a bit about me. I was employed in Las Vegas casinos for over 10 years. I was floorman, boxman and pit boss during this time. I've seen almost every type of system player and casino game. It is easy to identify system players. They don't seem to be having the same amount of amusement as gamblers who play recreationally. They take their work seriously and are extremely meticulous about it. Some even attempt to conceal or cover up their activities so that their family and friends don't get on. This is hilarious. Funny because the house loves system players. Why? Because no system can beat the casino games. There are many methods to make smart decisions and beat the casino game. This is not a system. It is more an approach and a way of life. Let's get there shortly. Let one player games discuss three games that appear to be the most popular, blackjack, craps, and roulette.

Blackjack has the distinction among these three games that it is the only one of them that you can actually take part in making choices about your play , and I'm talking not just about betting but in the play itself. You can decide whether to hit or stand or split, double down, etc... You are in control of the outcome of the game. The advantage the dealer has when playing blackjack is that the dealer has the option to make a hand (go above 21) first. If all players playing the table bust their hands then the dealer does not need to play his or her hand. That's a major advantage. The card counting system is the only blackjack technique worthy of noting. With card counting the player remains aware of the number of cards that have been dealt, or, more specifically, the amount of cards remaining in the deck, the amount of tens that have been exposed and, in lesser amounts and the amount of smaller cards played, and the number of aces remaining on the table. When there are best free to play games of tens left in the deck, and there are fewer (maybe just a fraction of the deck) cards left, the deck is said to be wealthy. This is advantageous to the player, particularly when there is a good number of aces remaining. A well-stocked deck can increase the player's chances at getting blackjack. Also, the player is able to count to see the remaining cards and decide whether he will play his hand in a certain way. This is a good strategy. This method could give the player an advantage or even level the playing fields. In fact, it does! It is true! To not be forgotten, the chance of a dealer obtaining blackjacks has been increasing. When I first learned about counting cards I was excited. free to play pc games was your chance to win serious cash. This made sense since it is in theory the only way to get an advantage. So, why aren't there many people out there making money on blackjack by counting cards? The answer is straightforward. It is easy to identify card counters. The floorperson or pit boss also is aware of how to count cards (at least they should at least to a certain extent). They can determine if the deck is high or low, and adjust their bets according to the situation. Three things that the house could do if it detects a counter. Just ignore it and let the game proceed and see what develops. go to my blog can also inform the player politely that they won't allow them to play at their casino. Yes, they have that right, as per rules of the gaming commission. They also have the option of telling the dealer to deal with two or one hand, and then shuffle. This eliminates any benefit that a counter could possess. This is the way I dealt with counters when I was playing in the pits. I remember one time where I observed a young woman walk up to the game and was extremely deliberate and focused. Something instantly told me to follow her game. That's a lot of hide! She was actually the only player in the game, which I saw. She increased her stake instantly after the deck was rich. I looked at the dealer with a smile, and requested her to shake my deck. It was hilarious. The player actually yelled, "Hey!" I did a smile and left telling the dealer to deal two hands and then shuffle. It's not surprising that the player left with her money and most likely had the same fate wherever she went. Over-rated is not counting. games to play at home to be a winner in a casino.

Let's talk about the roulette systems. This is a ridiculous game, and I'm not going to take too long. There is no way of knowing what will happen to the little white ball on a roulette wheel. I've seen players fiddling with little notepads and jotting down anything they think will help determine the next chance to hit. Consider it...the wheel is not spinning at a constant pace. The dealer doesn't set the ball spinning at the exact same speed or at the exact same point each time. It is random. The dealer will take the ball off the wheel, and then give it a gentle push to keep it turning. This is the reason why the ball has a non-constant rate of rotation. Also, to think that the balls position can be influenced by the preceding spin is a complete blunder. Let's take, for play games on zoom that five hits twice in a row. What do you think the chances of 5 hitting again in the next spin? My dear friend, the odds are 37-1 for 5 hitting once more. The odds of any number hitting at any given time is always 37-1/1 no matter what happened in the previous spin(s). This is a point that many gamblers fail to realize. When trends hit a certain number that you hit, you do not get payed 37-1. You get paid 35 -1 ! You're already beating! Roulette is the only game that has a chance of beating. It is possible to win, however, that's luck. There is no way to ensure winning sessions. It's completely random. According to Einstein said, "The only way to beat roulette is to steal the game." This is true. Do not pay anyone who claims they are trying to sell you a method of roulette. They are all scams, period!

Okay, we have dealt with roulette and blackjack. Now we have to tackle craps. Craps is a complicated game and there are literally hundreds of methods to bet on the game. I won't go into betting systems as this isn't what I'm trying to disprove. My main concern is the person who believes or is trying to convince others that he can control the roll of the dice. The type of person will place the dice in a certain manner, throw them in an exact way and assert that they is able to control the way dice will roll. Do you really require more? A craps table measures about 8-10 feet long, with an extremely hard surface beneath the layout of felt. It's a solid surface that bounces back and forth the dice at totally random speeds and angles. There is not a person anywhere in the world who could have that kind of control. It's impossible for even the top magicians from Vegas to do this. It's not something you've ever seen before. It's not the case.

I'd like to conclude that the only valid system I have ever seen is one that minimizes losses and maximizes wins. online 's a money management system that requires a great deal of discipline to apply. mobile games can be applied to any game, but not poker. This method can be used to keep a head start on the game day in and day out. However, it is a money management system not a strategy. I'll write about it in my next post.
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