Things to Look For When Choosing Your Riser Recliner

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If you suffer from arthritis, low back pain and other similar problems you could have think it is difficult to acquire in and out of a chair. A riser reclining chair might make things simpler to suit your needs.
Getting up/sitting down
Our electric riser chairs make use of a near silent motor to lift one to your feet avoiding any strain on your arms, hips or legs - indispensable for the elderly or for those of you with limited mobility - an incredible for assistance with sitting yourself down too.
Sitting down
Made for a specific requirements for size, your recliner will give you support perfectly, ensuring optimum seat height, depth and width. Ergonomically designed and beautifully The Lift Recliner - Why This Type of Chair Can Be a Senior's Best Friend , its supreme comfort can make it an ideal armchair in the meantime and the future.
This the perfect position for your afternoon snooze and for having a soothing massage in the optional built-in therapy system. One touch with the control will lift you smoothly support without strain with out effort.
Put the feet-up
Take the weight off you at the touch of the mouse - your chair will probably be sized to suit your legs correctly so you'll always feel supported. This is the ideal position to relax when reading, resting or watching TV whilst ensuring optimum comfort.
Massage options
Take advantage of our optional built-in massage system and you'll be in a position to enjoy the full sensual body massage or even a concentrated massage one of five specific areas of one's body with all the finger-light controls. The intensity with the massage is very controllable, and also, since many people report feeling so relaxed that they can drift off, the system automatically switches off after a quarter-hour.
Make sure...
o You get free delivery and installation
o Your riser recliner features a 2 year guarantee
o Your recliner was created to British standard BSN ISO9001
o You get a no obligation home demonstration to try prior to deciding to buy
o Your riser recliner is compliant with stringent British fire retardant standards BS 7177
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