A Simple Guide to Understanding Nozzles and How They Work

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Understanding nozzles and how they work is key to cleaning a line successfully and efficiently. Knowing the appropriate use of each nozzle ensures that you always choose the right one for the job. First, it’s essential to note that it may take up to 10 different nozzles to clean in 90 percent of the situations encountered successfully. However, there should be no guessing when choosing a nozzle for cleaning operations. Nozzles are designed for particular cleaning applications. If they are not utilized for their intended goals, then they won’t be as effective.

Spray nozzles are attachments for spraying equipment used to atomise crop protection products. A nozzle converts a jet of liquid into droplets so that a crop protection product can be evenly distributed over a crop. It is important to select the right spray nozzle and to use it in the right way, because this way you will achieve the best possible result. There are different types of spray nozzles available for different uses. It’s important to choose the right spray nozzle type to get the best result because spray nozzles determine the volume, drop size and spray pattern.

A spiral spray nozzle produces fine atomization, the smallest droplets arriving from a non-misting, direct-pressure nozzle. Spiral spray nozzles, also called the pigtail, helix, or corkscrew, disperse liquid as shear along with the arches of the spiral. There are no inner parts, but instead, it has an outer spiral vein. The spiral design can increase process efficiency if you want a small drop size. Spiral nozzles provide excellent results if you need more coverage or increased angle formation at higher pressures.

Pressure and flow ratio
Operators must first understand the connection between pressure and flow ratio to understand nozzles. Debris removal and drain cleaning require low pressure and high flow. As debris accumulates, you want an adequate flow to move the material down the line. As you shift into harder material such as encrustation, mortar, or even congealed grease, you want to use higher pressure and lower flow to dislodge the material.

Keep in mind that a single nozzle is rarely sufficient. You need to change nozzles as needs change. For instance, once encrustation and mortar are drawn from the pipe wall, you need to switch to a nozzle that can turn the material to the downstream utility hole to be vacuumed out.

Many cleaning operators have a favorite nozzle they use in various conditions. Just because it cleans well in one situation, they think it will work in every other situation. But this is not the case, and an operator’s cleaning effectiveness may drop short.

Cleaning strategies
A jet trajectory is required for nozzle selection. Jet angles in the 30- to 45-degree range are perfect for cleaning pipe walls. However, they provide minimal thrust and cannot move the debris down the line. Jet angles in the 0 to 10-degree range are specially designed for thrust to move a nozzle up the line. Most penetrators will have jet angles in this range because they are prepared to shoot up the line as fast and forcefully as possible to stick through a root blockage. These angles are also the most efficient for pushing debris. A jet in the 15 to 20-degree range can clean the pipe wall, propel the nozzle, and move the debris, but using two nozzles would be more effective for each job.

Many of today’s nozzles have jet angles to serve numerous functions simultaneously. They can clean the pipe wall and move debris while providing the thrust required to perform these tasks.
When choosing a nozzle, consider the type of cleaning you will be doing. Are you removing blockages, clearing heavy sediment, removing grease or roots, cleaning the radiuses of the pipe walls, or eliminating tuberculation and mineral deposits? Each of these needs a different type of nozzle.

Nozzle design has made considerable strides in the past few years. By understanding how nozzles work and staying notified of available technology, cleaning operators can clean lines more effectively and efficiently.
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