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uv sterilizers (TSA? ) and UVB-radiation (4 J/cm2) were analyzed as sterilization procedures. Sterilization with some sort of dose of your five. 75% hydrogen peroxide led to a complete inactivation of vegetative cells and spores in most circumstances. All tests together with UV-radiation were more or less effective. A dose regarding 100% did not necessarily show any substantial decrease in inactivation capability (inactivation efficiencies for vegetative cells 1. 00-0. 98). These results indicate that hydrogen peroxide is superior as a germicidal agent within UV-sterilizers. As opposed, UV-sterilizers are better ideal for sterilizing bacterias spores. It has been found that UV-radiation is capable of inactivating bacterial spores. UV-radiation having a dose associated with 100% caused the significant reduction in the particular inactivation efficiency intended for spores (0. 65-0. 10). To summarize, UV-sterilization might become an useful alternative with regard to the sterilization regarding liquids or floors, where the make use of of a chemical germicidal agent will be not permissible. For the similar reason, UV-sterilizers could be employed in the health care industry or at a spa to disinfect medical or perhaps cosmetic tools plus instruments. Yet , typically the high UV-radiation medication dosage must be deemed carefully as that might damage materials and instruments. To our knowledge, this is the first report in the inactivation associated with *B. longum* subsp. *longum* with UV-radiation.

Numerous studies have shown that the inactivation of vegetative cells is only incomplete and the spores remain viable and therefore are able to colonize new surfaces ([@b3-bmj-44-4-1181]). Within this context, typically the present work is really a first approach to investigate the inactivation of *B. longum* subsp. *longum* along with UV-radiation and the comparison of diverse disinfection systems.

Sterilization with hydrogen peroxide was found to be more effective regarding the complete removal of vegetative tissues and spores. Therefore, hydrogen peroxide ought to be used more frequently as an useful disinfection method. With regard to UV-radiation, the total inactivation of spores and the great inactivation of vegetative cells are feasible, too. However, the particular UV-sterilizers are less advantageous because their particular UV-radiation capacity is definitely limited plus the danger of the harming of materials is high. It is definitely important to be aware that the UV-radiation involving liquids (e. grams. milk or urine) in UV-sterilizers could possibly be restricted in numerous situations because of absorption phenomena. UV-sterilizers equipped with some sort of flow-through technique demonstrate same or increased inactivation capacity associated with liquids because regarding a better using the UV-radiation.

On the whole, the investigated guidelines like time involving exposure, UV-dose plus UV-radiation were certainly not found to get considerable for the inactivation of *B. longum* subsp. *longum*. Nevertheless , a significantly higher inactivation efficiency has been observed with increased UV-radiation doses.

The present study was not possible with no support of the employees of typically the company "H�nsel as well as Heinz", Germany, specially Stephan Schultze. Furthermore, we acknowledge the support by Mrs. Ingeborg Schultze-Heinzel (Wageningen, The Netherlands).

![Survival of vegetative tissues and spores of *B. longum* subsp. *longum* after coverage to UV-radiation and other disinfection methods (hydrogen peroxide: 2. 5% H2O2, 100% H2O2; UV-radiation: 3 J/cm2, 4 J/cm2; temp 70 �C).?: vegetative cells;?: spores;? sama dengan?: 2. 5% H2O2;? =?: 100% H2O2;? =?: 3 J/cm2;? =?: 4 J/cm2;? =?: 70 �C. ](bjm-44-4-1181-f1) #f1-bmj-44-4-1181

![Survival of vegetative cells and spores of *B. longum* subsp. *longum* following exposure to UV-radiation and also other disinfection approaches (time exposure: 15 min, 30 minutes, 60 min, 18 min + thirty min, 15 min + 60 minutes, 15 min + 15 min and up. 30 min; UV-dose: 1 J/cm2, several J/cm2, 4 J/cm2; temperature 70 �C).?: vegetative cells;?: spores;? =?: 1 J/cm2;? =?: 3 J/cm2;? =?: 4 J/cm2;? =?: 70 �C. ](bjm-44-4-1181-f2) #f2-bmj-44-4-1181
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