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uv sterilizers (TSA? ) and UVB-radiation (4 J/cm2) were examined as sterilization methods. Sterilization with a new dose of 5. 75% hydrogen peroxide generated a total inactivation of vegetative cells and spores in most instances. All tests along with UV-radiation were more or less prosperous. A dose associated with 100% did not necessarily show any significant decline in inactivation potential (inactivation efficiencies with regard to vegetative cells just one. 00-0. 98). These kinds of results indicate that hydrogen peroxide is usually superior as the germicidal agent in UV-sterilizers. In comparison, UV-sterilizers are better appropriate for sterilizing bacteria spores. It seemed to be found that UV-radiation is capable of inactivating bacterial spores. UV-radiation which has a dose of 100% caused a significant reduction in the inactivation efficiency with regard to spores (0. 65-0. 10). In summary, UV-sterilization might become a good useful alternative for the sterilization of liquids or areas, where the work with of a chemical germicidal agent is not permissible. For the same reason, UV-sterilizers could possibly be employed in the medical industry or at a spa in order to disinfect medical or cosmetic tools and instruments. Yet , the high UV-radiation dose must be regarded carefully as it might damage elements and instruments. As far as we known, this is the first report upon the inactivation associated with *B. longum* subsp. *longum* with UV-radiation.

Numerous studies have shown that the inactivation of vegetative cells is only partial and the spores remain viable and they are able to colonize new surfaces ([@b3-bmj-44-4-1181]). In this context, the particular present work can be a first approach to investigate the inactivation of *B. longum* subsp. *longum* together with UV-radiation and the comparison of various disinfection systems.

Sterilization with hydrogen peroxide was found to become more effective regarding the complete reduction of vegetative tissue and spores. Thus, hydrogen peroxide have to be used often as an efficient disinfection method. Intended for UV-radiation, the complete inactivation of spores and the good inactivation of vegetative cells are achievable, too. However, the particular UV-sterilizers are much less advantageous because their UV-radiation capacity will be limited plus the risk of the harming of materials is usually high. It is definitely important to remember that the UV-radiation regarding liquids (e. grams. milk or urine) in UV-sterilizers might be restricted in many situations because involving absorption phenomena. UV-sterilizers equipped with a flow-through technique demonstrate same or larger inactivation capacity of liquids because involving a better utilization of the UV-radiation.

Generally speaking, the investigated variables like time involving exposure, UV-dose and UV-radiation were not found to get considerable for the inactivation of *B. longum* subsp. *longum*. Nevertheless , a significantly larger inactivation efficiency seemed to be observed with increased UV-radiation doses.

Typically the present study was not possible minus the support of typically the employees of the particular company "H�nsel as well as Heinz", Germany, specifically Stephan Schultze. Moreover, we acknowledge typically the support by Mrs. Ingeborg Schultze-Heinzel (Wageningen, The Netherlands).

![Survival of vegetative tissues and spores associated with *B. longum* subsp. *longum* after coverage to UV-radiation and also other disinfection methods (hydrogen peroxide: 2. five per cent H2O2, 100% H2O2; UV-radiation: 3 J/cm2, 4 J/cm2; temp 70 �C).?: vegetative cells;?: spores;? =?: 2. 5% H2O2;? =?: 100% H2O2;? =?: 3 J/cm2;? =?: 4 J/cm2;? =?: 70 �C. ](bjm-44-4-1181-f1) #f1-bmj-44-4-1181

![Survival of vegetative cells and spores of *B. longum* subsp. *longum* after exposure to UV-radiation along with other disinfection procedures (time exposure: fifteen min, 30 minutes, 60 min, twelve min + 40 min, 15 minutes + 60 min, 15 min + 15 min + 30 min; UV-dose: 1 J/cm2, three or more J/cm2, 4 J/cm2; temperature 70 �C).?: vegetative cells;?: spores;? =?: 1 J/cm2;? =?: 3 J/cm2;? =?: 4 J/cm2;? =?: 70 �C. ](bjm-44-4-1181-f2) #f2-bmj-44-4-1181

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