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Solution treatment refers to the warm therapy process in which the alloy is heated to the high temperature single-phase area as well as preserved at a constant temperature, to ensure that the excess stage is fully dissolved into the solid solution and after that cooled swiftly to obtain the supersaturated strong remedy. It is normally used for castings.
Heating temperature level, holding time and also air conditioning price are the main criteria that ought to be regulated in solution therapy.
1. In concept, the home heating temperature level can be established according to the corresponding phase representation. The ceiling temperature level is generally close to the solid line temperature or eutectic temperature level. At such a high temperature, the alloy has the maximum strong solubility and fast diffusion price. However the temperature must not be too expensive, or else it will certainly bring about low melting point eutectic and also grain limit phase melting, that is, over-burning sensation, triggering relieving fracturing and decreasing strength. The minimal home heating temperature should be higher than the solution contour, or else the performance will certainly not meet the requirements after aging. The variety of allowable home heating temperatures might vary widely from alloy to alloy. The heating temperature level series of some copper alloys and also alloy steels is vast, while the satiating temperature range of most light weight aluminum alloys is very narrow, some also only ± 5 ℃.
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2. The function of warmth conservation is to adequately change the alloy structure to the state required for quenching. The holding time mainly relies on the alloy composition, the product pretreatment and initial framework, heating temperature and more, however likewise with the quantity of heater, work surface density, heating method as well as various other factors. The initial framework is fine, the home heating temperature is high, the filling amount is little, the workpiece area size is tiny, the holding time is short.
3. Quick cooling is usually utilized in solution therapy. The function of quick cooling is to hinder the precipitation of the 2nd phase throughout the cooling procedure and also ensure the maximum supersaturation of solute atoms as well as vacancies, so regarding acquire the highest stamina and also finest corrosion resistance after aging. Water is widely made use of as an efficient relieving tool, and also the cooling speed attained by quenching in water can satisfy the needs of the majority of light weight aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel and also iron based alloy items. Nevertheless, satiating in water can quickly trigger big residual tension and also deformation. To conquer this drawback, the water temperature can be appropriately increased, or quenched in oil, air and some special natural media. Some unique quenching methods, such as isothermal quenching and fractional quenching, can also be made use of.
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