10 reasons to take up ballroom dancing

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Ballroom dancing is something that improves mood, gives a feeling of lightness, helps to achieve complete harmony between body and soul. Are you planning to realize an unfulfilled childhood dream and learn how to dance a passionate tango, a sensual paso doble or a fast-paced foxtrot? Or maybe you want to give your baby to dances and are considering whether to send your child to ballroom dancing? Of course it's worth it! Also learn more about ballroom dance music at https://ballroomdancemusiconline.com/.

Reason #1: Improving fitness and strengthening the body

During dance training, balance develops and coordination of movements improves. Both adults and kids learn to control their bodies better and as a result:

  • Hand and foot coordination develops.

  • Improves motor skills.

  • All muscle groups are trained and strengthened.

Regular dance training makes the body flexible, hardy, strong. In addition, this is a great way to burn extra calories and activate the metabolic process. If a child or an adult is overweight, then in a couple of months of dancing he will leave. Thus, the health benefits of ballroom dancing are clear.

Reason number 2: Formation of a beautiful, correct posture and athletic figure

Ballroom dancing is the best prevention against diseases of the spinal column, in particular scoliosis. These are active exercises that strengthen the muscular corset and form an athletic figure with strong muscles. Children are hard to get to train or play sports purposefully. But if you give them to ballroom dancing, where elements of creativity and creativity are combined with the study of various muscle groups, they will develop a beautiful posture for life. And a person with correct posture not only looks beautiful, but also does not experience pain in the neck, back, lower back.

Reason #3: Development of creativity and individuality

Ballroom dancing for girls, boys, adults - involves the disclosure of the identity of the dancer and his ability to be creative. By training, dancers master the basics of dance style, basic movements and elements. But when they receive this knowledge, they begin to improvise, to bring something of their own to the dances. And this reveals the creative abilities of the young dancer, his artistic inclinations. By the way, in the world of ballroom dancing, at numerous regional, republican and international competitions, the jury evaluates the dancer's artistry.

Reason #4: Improving Communication Skills

Ballroom dancing is not only the study of movements and the improvement of physical data. Dancing involves communication with like-minded people, friendship and partnership. A real balnik knows how to work in conjunction, and he is also liberated and sociable. Therefore, ballroom dancing for boys and girls is a great way to build the right communication with peers and adults. They will learn to listen to other people, respect their partner and mentor. Agree, these are useful qualities that will be useful in life. Ballroom dancing classes are regular competitions and festivals. A lot of young dancers come there who want to show their dancing skills and meet new friends. So if the child had problems with communication skills, then over time they will disappear.

Reason #5: Develop discipline and hard work

By attending a dance school, the child becomes disciplined, hardworking, responsible. Choreographers instill diligence in students and focus their attention on the fact that it is very important not to be lazy, but to train and practice dance elements with full dedication. Thanks to this approach, both children and adults develop a regimen. They learn to plan their time and spend it as productively as possible. These good habits will come in handy in everyday life and help you organize it rationally.

Reason #6: Develop a sense of rhythm and musicality

The training process in teaching ballroom dancing is unique. Children get acquainted with melodies written by classics and modern composers, who have different speed and style of performance. They learn to listen, to feel the rhythm, to move correctly.

Reason number 7: productively spent free time

What do most children do in their free time? As a rule, they communicate in social networks, watch videos, play computer games. Also, they don't move much. Such a pastime does not bring any benefit, and constant sitting at the computer or lying on the couch harms the emerging spine and muscles. Ballroom dancing is an opportunity to spend time interestingly and at the same time with health benefits. Instead of a lazy day, the child will have a busy workout, communication with peers, self-improvement. Parents do not have to worry about what their son or daughter is doing: they are looked after by experienced choreographers.

Reason number 8: a lot of interesting trips and vivid impressions

Another reason why children learn to dance is travel. Dance competitions and festivals where dancers show their ability to move beautifully are held both in Ukraine and abroad. And this is the best way to get acquainted with the cultural heritage in parallel with the competitions and get unforgettable emotions from visiting new cities and countries.

Reason #9: Nurturing Purposefulness

Each  lesson in ballroom and dancing , each competition is the achievement of goals. First, the child masters separate new movements, then he connects them into a dance, and having worked out the dance, he prepares for competitions in order to win a prize. This is how purposefulness is formed.

Reason #10: Develop Public Speaking Skills

Is the child afraid to speak in front of the class, answer the questions of the teacher, sing at the matinee, even though he does all this very well in the circle of close people? Ballroom dancing will help develop public speaking skills and say goodbye to fears.

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