How to Choose Programmable RGB LED Controller

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RGB LEDs are widely used for home decoration with many amazing dynamic lighting available. RGB controller offers built-in effects that may meet most users' requirements. When you want to create stylish and customized color effects, a programmable RGB LED controller is essential.

The programmable rgb led controller enables users to choose colors to program, and after that play the colors with assorted effects including jump, fade, flash and strobe and different speeds. Wireless programmable rgb led controller is an ideal choice for those who want to DIY their RGB lights.

The whole wireless system shall include a programmable control signal sender with radio frequency signal, a RF signal receiver that is certainly works with the sender. The sender will probably be able to control RGB LED lighting and have programmable function and send RF signal on the receiver wirelessly. The receiver will probably be associated with the sender by the key on it and receive the control signal, and output ends shall connect with the lamps and deliver PWM signal to control them.

The RF receiver might be available in AC and DC versions, you have to discover the input kind of your RGB LEDs, of course, your RGB LED lights will probably be dimmable, usually the most widely used LEDs for decoration is DC low voltage LED strips with DC12-24V input, thus DC RF receiver will be used for them. Some outdoor projects could use AC high voltage LED strips, then waterproof AC RF receiver will likely be required. If a DC RF receiver can be used, an AC to DC power source will be required for it. In addition, DC ones can be purchased with constant current version and constant voltage version, you have to pick the right one based on input form of your lamps.

Once information is confirmed, the next step is wiring, it is possible to do according an individual manuals, please be sure to power off before wiring. Ok, now things are all done, it's about time to start. Learning is simple by pressing keys about the sender and receiver. Then choose colors which you like, and employ programmable function to program. Once What is Industrial Automation & How it Evolved is saved, just play them with various effects including jump, fade, flash and strobe and different running speeds, you will definately get amazing effects.
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