Massage and Tui Na Therapy: What's the Difference?

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Massage therapy was invented hundreds of years ago in China and is gaining popularity in Western countries. Many people take advantage of massages to improve their health or to relax. A massage is a gentle squeeze and kneading various soft tissues, to loosen joints and muscles as well as alleviate tension. Massage therapy can be used to treat injuries or illnesses that have affected tissues. Massage therapy is a therapeutic process which involves manipulation of the soft tissues in order to restore movement and function to the body.

Tui na refers to "energy wind". Mandarin Tui na translates to "wind power". This is a crucial factor in providing a full system of healing for the body. Tui Na stimulates the lymphatic vessels and capillary blood vessels that flow through the body.

Tui Na is believed to improve circulation by the Chinese. Tui Na is also referred to as Tuina. It can be used to treat various conditions, such as cramps, convulsions and neuralgia muscles, spasms, muscle pains and headaches, menstrual problems (dental disorders) as well as tendonitis and other infectious diseases. The purpose of this therapy is to restore the balance of energy in the different organs of the body and thus to promote health. Tui Na is proved to be effective in battling infections like measles, shingles as well as herpes staph, liver disease, hepatitis, and other serious conditions such as cancer.

One way that Tui Na is used in Chinese medicine is through the application of specific pressure points. The pressure points are usually used for specific conditions. For specific ailments pressure points can be employed. This is a simplified explanation of how Tui Na Massage works.

Tui Na massage therapy is utilized by many different people from all walks of life. This massage is also referred to as Oriental massage in the West. One of the most sought-after forms of massage therapy is Tui Na. It is a comprehensive method of helping the body. It shares many of these similar principles to massage therapy. Pressure points are targeted and the various massage techniques used are designed to manipulate the various functions of the human body. A complete Tui Na massage therapy system addresses the abdominal, spine area shoulders, back, arms, legs and feet.

Tui Na massage is a great choice for relieving pain and soothing tissues that are inflamed. It is utilized to decrease tension, boost vitality and help to promote relaxation. The National Acupuncture University in China has discovered that Tui Na therapy is beneficial for a variety of chronic illnesses.

Tui Na massage is component of the traditional Chinese medicine. However they aren't the same thing. Traditional Chinese medicine always addresses Qi and Blood balance. Tui Na therapy is designed to maintain and improve blood flow and Qi balance. The goal of Tui Na massage is to improve and regulate the flow of blood to various areas of the body. In traditional Chinese medical practice, when there is excess flow of blood to any part of the body, it can result in the imbalance mentioned above. Therefore, Tui Na massage can aid in resolving any imbalances and bring back proper health to a person.

There are many distinctions between Tui Na massage and traditional Chinese treatments. Tui Na massage is focused on preserving and preventing poor health. It employs gentle manipulation and touch techniques to encourage healing and well-being. Tui Na massage is extremely relaxing, however practitioners use it to relieve pain and not to cause injury. Contrarily, traditional Chinese medicine is always seeking to treat issues that involve "unhealthy" or "diseased" energy systems by either removing them from blockage or by manipulating said energy systems.
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