Exercise and Sport Massage

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There have been numerous studies on the effect of massage therapy on athletes. The majority of these studies have produced contradictory results. One study which compared professional athletes to controls found no significant differences in the amount of muscle soreness. Another study comparing professional athletes and controls revealed an improvement in muscle soreness in athletes receiving massage, but there was no significant improvement in athletes who were not receiving massage. Similar results were seen in another study that compared active athletes to non-athletes.

Although there aren't conclusive studies that show the benefits of sports massage on athletic performance However, numerous studies have found that it can aid athletes in recovering faster. In one study, scientists discovered that sports massage reduced the recovery time of athletes participating in a high-intensity exercise program. In another study, participants who performed a maximum workload program had significantly higher performance than those who received the Sports massage. Another study revealed that therapists for sports massage had a significant effect on the physical performance of overweight adolescents.

A study comparing the production of lactic acids in the injured and control groups found no difference. However, the researchers did conclude that the effect of massage might depend on the person the massage is given to. Researchers found that lactic acids were produced at a higher amount in the control group than they were during exercise, and remained relatively low after the session. On the other hand, the production of lactic acid was found to be greater in the injured group during exercise, and remained at higher levels following the exercise. This could be due to the increase in lactic acid production among injured patients can decrease the patient's threshold for pain and lead to a greater perception of exercise exertion.

There are a variety of theories on how massage can enhance athletic performance. The faster recovery of athletes from injuries is possible, according to scientists. The same theory suggests that athletes will benefit from stretching out the superficial muscles of the arms and shoulders to strengthen their muscles. A different theory is that the muscles that are tighter and shorter in the lower body can help reduce the recovery time for athletes who perform intense activities during competition. And a strong core of abdominal muscles can help prevent spasms and cramps that occur in athletes during intense exercise.

Apart from stretching and strengthening of muscles, massage may also increase athletes' flexibility. Stretching muscles can make them more flexible and more open to training and movement. However as athletes continue exercising and stretch their muscles, they become tight and limit their motion. To alleviate muscle pain, athletes should perform exercises to stretch muscles that are tight. This is where massages for sports can play a significant role.

Studies have demonstrated that athletes experience a significant increase of cortisol when exercising or engaging in high intensity. The stress hormone signals physical stress. Studies have shown that this increased cortisol release leads to greater muscle strength and endurance performance during periods of moderate exercise. The endurance of the athletes was measured prior to and after they completed 30 sprints. During sprints, muscle twitch activity was timed and the results showed an increase in muscle strength following the sprints.

Glycogen in muscles increased muscle strength. Glycogen is the source of energy in muscles following intense workouts. When an athlete is exposed to intense physical strain large quantities of glycogen are released by your body. This allows the athlete to replenish the energy that was lost during sprints. A study published by researchers at the University of Northumbria in the UK revealed that several sprints prior to a bout of competitive cycling resulted in a significant increase in the amount of muscle glycogen.

The results of these studies demonstrate that massage therapy for sports can be beneficial to athletes both when they are exercising and after it. All of these studies were done on healthy, non-athletes. If you suffer from any condition that impact circulation, such as diabetes, kidney disease, or high blood pressure, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting any form of treatment.
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