Tips and Strategies That Will Save You Tons of Time Collecting Rent

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Collect Rent using a
One of the things we recommend so far as collecting rent is you possess a P.O. Box. Most P.O. Boxes at the local mailbox or FedEx store don't cost very much. I get a P.O. Box at my local tn post office and it's below $100 annually. It's like $45 every 6 months.
That way it is usually difficult or perhaps a pain going your tn post office frequently, but keep in mind that, you do not want rent coming to your own personal residence. I guarantee that. I would highly, strongly suggest spending a few dollars, receiving a P.O. Box, and ensure that rent visits that P.O. Box.
The other reason perform that or recommend it really is possibly that you're going to move over time. You may only move a couple of miles, but this way you don't have to notify everybody on the planet along with your tenants where you can send rent in case you move each time. Now it doesn't matter in case you move, because they don't even know and the rent still travels to the P.O. Box.
Collect Rent Electronically
We also advise that you produce a system available to get rent electronically. We are really setting up a big push that way. We are approximately 40 to 45% today we collect electronically. If you've got a software package you can do that, or you can utilize a site called . They allow for those to spend through their checking accounts. You can use as a potential way to gather it.
Do Not Accept Cash
One of the things that perform not do is accept cash. We do not pick up cash. That is one of them rules. Please, please, please not violate this. We do not just go grab rent, period. Don't start it. Don't think, "Well, they're paying late this month. If I go figure it out I'll solve this difficulty."
Tenants are strange animals. I guarantee you that if you get the rent once, the next month and also the next month and the next month they'll expect you to pick-up the rent again. Not only that, but they'll use it as justification. What will happen is they'll say, "Fine, I'll wait until the landlord comes and picks it."
The third from the month comes, the sixth from the month comes, the ninth in the month comes, so you haven't gotten your rent. You contact plus they say, "Oh, I thought you had been going to come pick it up. It's here. It's looking forward to you."
You're like, "Well, why didn't you mail it?"
"Well, you picked it a few weeks ago!"
Well, this is their explanation manage to treat it as it's your complaint, not theirs. "Oh, the rent's here, you merely haven't come picked it up." So they've kind of tried to push the problem onto you.
So then you say, "All right, fine, I'll be there Saturday morning, 10:00." Tenant says, "Fine." You arrive Saturday at 10:00 and nobody's home.
You go back home, you refer to them as up. They don't answer the device until Sunday night, "Oh, yeah, yeah. I got called to operate. I'm sorry. I got called to be effective. I got this or I got that." Now it's Monday and they've got to work. It's Monday evening and also you've got to own in that area again after work. So what happens is that you start commencing this vicious circle. Don't do it. Simply avoid . Don't start it and you also'll never get caught.
What I really suggest is that you make sure you train your tenants to spend electronically or send it in the mail. That way there is very clear and concise instructions on just how to pay their rent, because if you give them some confusion, they will take that as a possible benefit of failing.
We certainly accept checks, but if the tenant pays a few times a negative check, stop that at that point. Make it a policy as part of your lease to never accept any checks after the first or second bad check.
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