Property Management Owner's Dilemma: Get Bigger, Stay the Same, or Sell Out?

JustesenBerg5856 | 2022.02.15 13:13 | 조회 5
"There are simply two directions; you're either growing or you're dying. There ain't no third direction." (Tommy Callaghan, Sr. in "Tommy Boy")
Business is a funny thing; you are never permitted to be satisfied. If you find a company, grow it, and commence to earnings it, then that's good, right? Isn't that the thought? I thought it was, a minimum of.
However, it truly isn't in case you see the news, watch television, or attend any business get togethers. The things that people wish to talk about are:

What are the growth figures regarding revenue? Projected out to 2015?
Is your social media marketing and digital strategy sound? Have you made the time and financial investments?
Have you contemplated geographical expansion? a fantastic read ? Office openings?
And and much more and also on. There apparently isn't a downtime allowed! If you sit pat, you're destined to fail. You must take the celebrities of worldwide domination! The purpose of earning profits is to reinvest it! Get on it! Get bigger! Now!
So rapid growth is left because the only option, unless you desire to be considered a "burned-out" property manager. If you choose to pursue slower, organic growth, you could be called "uninspired", a "non-visionary", and lazy. No one writes articles on entrepreneurs who stay the course! Those stories got chopped out at the start of the editing room. But despite many loud naysayers to the contrary, staying a similar is certainly a really viable option. It's just the "keeping on, keeping on" strategy. Nothing is wrong with that!
But why don't you consider in case you really are "uninspired" now? You are burned out! You are a property management company owner (or agent) who doesn't want to deal with the business enterprise anymore. You are looking to get out then sell out. How would you do this?
You could work with a business broker to find someone that desires to add property management to their property brokerage company, or perhaps really wants to own a stand-alone property management company. These instances are pretty rare and also the business broker would truly be earning their when they found somebody that will purchase your smaller firm (under $1M in revenues)!
What is a lot more likely is basically that you would sell your management accounts to an alternative property management firm. For example, I received instructions yesterday derived from one of in the largest property managers around; this letter was undoubtedly provided for every property management company in your neighborhood. The letter asked to buy up the property management accounts we'd.
In mergers & acquisitions speak, these folks were utilizing a typical roll-up means of buying up every smaller company in your community to accelerate their growth. They had no fascination with our systems or procedures; they simply desired to throw our management clients to their management machine. This would be a timely way for these phones grow rapidly. It also would be a quick method for "uninspired" property managers to get out in the business and earn some quick money off their company. A true win-win? Possibly!
To grow, stay, or go- it's actually a personal decision that shouldn't be the consequence of other's expectations. There are possibilities open no matter what your company's approach is!
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