How to Create Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt Smoked Dish

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Sicilian Sea Salt, Black Summer Sea Salt (7%)This fine salty finishing salt is an interesting blend of crushed Italian White Albacore Truffles and creamy Trapani Sea Salt, all with an undertone of creamy chocolate. When paired with fruits such as strawberries, the combination can become rather elegant. It goes great with poultry recipes, fish or seafood. This product is produced in a controlled environment to prevent the salt from becoming too concentrated.

Sprinkle black truffle sea salt onto warm corn chips or bread as a great appetizer. The flavor of the salt immediately reminds you of popcorn. Another wonderful way to enjoy this salty treat is by sprinkling it on warm bagels, cutlets, cheesecakes or just about anything else that's moist and delicious. You'll find this product sold in large bags at your local supermarket. It's packaged in tiny tubs for convenient storage.

Fresh fruit slices also make a great addition to your table when you are enjoying this rich, earthy taste. They'll melt in your mouth and add a rich, sweet-and-salty sensation to your food. If you prefer salty breads and crackers, you can buy packets of this sea salt and sprinkle it on your baked potatoes, carrots, summer squash, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, olives or other veggies. You can also sprinkle it onto raw vegetables, such as carrots, zucchini, summer squash, broccoli and spinach.

To accompany your black truffle sea salt, why not use truffles? Truffles are tiny edible diamonds that come from the seeds of a Nutmeg flower. These blossoms contain a substance called carotene, which is responsible for giving foods such as almonds and pears their golden color. If you haven't tried nutmeg, don't miss out! This essential taste will only intensify once you've added truffles to it.

Add that to the earthy taste of your baked goods and you've got a winning combination. You could also use this salty treat to help cleanse your palette. Truffles can help you feel lighter and more energetic by energizing your body. They are also known as a "brain food" because they have a high nutrient content. By using Black Truffle Sea Salt as a seasoning in your recipes, you can give your brain a nice boost.

You can even use this earthy flavor in savory soups and stews, or add them to a hot dog and hamburger buns to make them more hearty. You'll find that there's no other seasoning that compares to Italian black truffles in terms of flavor intensity and uniqueness. Try experimenting with the different flavors of it and you'll find that you like it all - even when you're not feeling so well.

You might be wondering how truffles can go along with an olive morada. After all, aren't olive moradas and truffles completely different? Actually, the two spices play off one another in their delightful combination. Both are very mild and tend to blend well together. Your baked goods will have a rich flavor as the two flavors meld together and create a delicious earthen finish.

Italian truffles are a healthy treat. When seasoned with this earthy flavor, they become even healthier for you. You'll enjoy eating them as much as you enjoy eating your baked goods because the salt and the sweetness balance one another out perfectly. If you're looking for a new way to spruce up your baked goods, try sprinkling some black truffles on top as a surprise for your guests.

Sprinkle French fries with some truffle salt and put the skillet on the oven. You'll immediately start to smell the aroma of the salt. In fact, you may have to take a step back from the stove to catch your breath. It's easy to see why people love the combination of the flavors. The aroma adds something special to the aroma of French fries that makes them almost addictive.

If you don't like garlic but still like Italian food, consider using Italian seasoning. You can find it in a variety of different flavors including lemon, mint, or rosemary. Most Italian seasoning is very mild and you won't overpower the flavor of your dish with too much. If you have some sea salt on hand, you could also sprinkle this onto your baked goods to add an extra depth of flavor.

When it comes to choosing ingredients and what to cook, there are many dishes that would benefit from the addition of Italian black truffles. They are incredibly rich and creamy, while at the same time being extremely flavorful. This is why they make such a great addition to soups, meats, cheeses, and even desserts. Now that you have the right recipe for this earthy flavor, you can enjoy the dish that you've created with this salty treat.
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