A Short Intro to Conversion Rate Optimization 101

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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the new buzzword in online marketing circles. It covers everything from pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, to social media, e-mail marketing, auto responders, and a host of other web optimization strategies. Just as the name implies, conversion rate optimization revolves around increasing conversion rates - or "conversions," as internet marketers often refer to these numbers. In essence, CRO aims to get more online visitors to your website, which results in sign ups and sales.

In simpler terms, CRO is an ongoing optimization effort to improve conversion rates. Every site has a targeted list of visitors who are most likely to become your customer. And because these potential customers are looking for what you have to offer, they are more apt to make a purchase than someone browsing a random website. To increase conversion rates, you have to drive these customers to your website through highly targeted keyword phrases. That's the essence of search engine optimization, and that's the crux of conversion rate optimization. With good content, your site will rank better on search engine pages, and more likely attract visitors who are more likely to convert.

Of course, good content alone is not enough; site optimization is absolutely necessary as well. There are several things you can do to improve your conversion rate optimization efforts. For example, one thing you can do to increase your page ranking on Google and other major search engines is to submit your web address to Google Webmaster Tools. This allows you to make it easy for your site to show up when people search for a keyword related to your niche. And through site optimization and content optimization, your site should be optimized so that when people do a search for a keyword matching what you have to offer, you'll show up near the top of the list.

As far as increasing your conversion rates go, another important factor is making sure that your site is easy to use. You want to create a user friendly environment that's conducive to converting visitors into customers. Don't make visitors work for anything. Place buttons where they can easily find what they're looking for. Keep it to the point and clear, concise, and simple.

If you're still not sure what your conversion rates are currently, you can get a good idea by checking the bounce rate of your site. Bounce rates are the percentage of new visitors that leave your site within a certain amount of time after arriving. If it's high, that means your conversion rates aren't as good as they could be.

Now that you know what your conversion rate optimization is and where to find it, you need to learn how you can improve it. The first thing you'll want to do is increase your website's traffic. It doesn't matter what you do to increase visitor numbers, the conversion rate still has to be good. To improve your conversion rate, focus on getting more traffic and test different marketing techniques to increase the traffic to your site.

Another thing that you need to know about conversion rate optimization 101 is that content really does make a difference. No matter what you do, you can't have a high conversion rate if your visitors don't find what they're looking for when they arrive at your site. So don't just stick to the standard sales pages you've been using and keep changing them as you roll out new products or services. Think outside the box and offer useful information to your visitors. They'll come back and recommend your site to others, thus giving you more exposure and more conversions.

Conversion rate optimization is all about finding a way to convert visitors to customers. This is done through effective copy-writing and making sure that your customer's needs are being met from the moment they hit your landing page. Once they're there, getting them to buy is the easy part.
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