Your Guide For Planning A Two Week Vietnam Itinerary

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Mid-August, the Bluezone app was downloaded by nearly 15 million people – accounting for 14% of the national population. The Bluetooth-based app helps determine if a person has come in contact with a COVID-19 patient somewhere in Vietnam. Be the first to know when Vietnam reopens it’s borders for tourists. has been a concern, particularly in Ha Long Bay.

Theres A Crisis Brewing Beneath The Otherworldly Beauty Of Vietnams Salt Fields

The seaside resort of Phan Thiet is at the end of a 15km branch line from Binh Thuan, a junction station on the main Saigon-Danang-Hue-Hanoi Reunification line, formerly known as Muong Man. One or two direct trains run from Saigon to Phan Thiet, shown in the timetable below. When you arrive at Phan Thiet station you'll find plenty of buses & taxis waiting to take you to the popular resort of Mui Né, 24km northeast of Phan Thiet, a minute drive. Alternatively, you can take any mainline train from Saigon to Binh Thuan station and then a taxi to Pan Thiet (15.7km) or Mui Né . There's usually du lịch hòn sơn of flowers on the table, and some small complimentary bottles of water.

From Hackney To Hanoi, In Search Of The World's Finest Vietnamese Cooking

In addition, the self-quarantine locations such as residences and hotels must be as per standards as per the Ministry of Health, otherwise, they will have to undergo quarantine in centralized facilities. Airlines have asked authorities to scrap the quick test requirements as travelers are required to have a negative RT-PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding. Welcome, several basic information about Vietnam to start with. Few countries in such a short space of time have changed as much as Vietnam. Its been 40 years since the end of the Vietnamese War , a war which was proof of the durability and resilience of the Vietnamese people.

Hang Son DoongHang Son Doong , located in the heart of Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, is known as the world's largest cave, and is one of the most spectacular sights in Southeast Asia. Numbers are limited to 10 trekkers per trip, who are accompanied by a small fleet of porters and cooks. Ho Khanh, a hunter from a jungle settlement close to the Vietnam–Laos border, would often take shelter in the caves that honeycomb his mountain homeland. He stumbled across gargantuan Hang Son Doong in the early 1990s, but the sheer scale and majesty of the principal cavern was only confirmed as the world’s biggest cave when British explorers returned with him in 2009. du lich hon son ’s biggest obstacle was to find a way over a vast overhanging barrier of muddy calcite they dubbed the ‘Great Wall of Vietnam’, which divided the cave.
In addition to banks and official exchange counters, you can exchange most hard currencies (Sterling, Yen, Swiss Francs, Euro etc.) at gold shops, often at slightly better than official rates. Hotels and travel agencies can also exchange money with differing exchange rates so look for the best rate. The 110-cc motorbike is the preferred mode of transport for the Vietnamese masses, and the large cities swarm with them. There are an estimated 37 million motorcycles in Vietnam and it's common to see whole families of four cruising along on a single motorbike. In most places where tourists go, you can easily rent your own, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 160,000 dong per day.
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