There is something as a virtuous dice pie. Evelyn Toner, a dietitian at, offers her v

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Oggs Vegan Luxury Handmade 184 g, 4 dice pies, ₤ 2.50,

Per 46 g pie: calories, 178; saturated fat, 2.6 g; sugar, 13 g; salt, 0.10 g

Apples are the cornerstone in these vegan mince pies, which is great, for while these have the very same quantity of sugar as routine variations, fructose - or fruit sugar - from the apples supplies other benefits, such as polyphenols, which have antioxidant residential properties, plus fibre, minerals and vitamins.

These mince pies are likewise smaller than regular ones, so might aid with portion control.

However, they have hydrogenated veggie oils, consisting of hand oil, which are processed components that aren't great for heart health.

Despite keto diet what to eat before workout of people presuming otherwise, the vegan alternative is not always much healthier; it depends on the remainder of the components in the item.

Health score: 7/10

Taste test: Unusual aftertaste, however these have a nicely crumbly pastry. 4/10

Evelyn Toner, a dietitian at, offers her decision on some health-conscious options

Deliciously Guilt-Free Keto 315 g, 6 pies, ₤ 17.99,

Per 49 g pie: calories, 244; saturated fat, 8.8 g; sugar, 1.9 g; salt, 0.3 g

A keto diet plan is low-carb, high-fat and also high-protein and has become preferred for its supposed weight-loss benefits.

On the bonus side, the coconut as well as almond flours in the keto pastry, combined with the nuts in the mincemeat, provide great deals of healthy protein, making these pies a lot more filling than the typical mince pie (with almost 8 g of healthy protein per 100 g, compared to about 4 g).

However, as with lots of manufactured keto foods, they have sugar rather than sugar, which can cause bowel symptoms in some individuals. They also have much more calories than a common dice pie - almost 100 calories higher per 100 g - as well as have 3 times the saturated fat, 18 g (from the coconut flour as well as butter) per 100g compared to 6 g.

Health rating: 5/10

Trial run: A tasty, virtually delicious dice pie. 9/10

Lovemore Gluten-Free 270 g, 4 mince pies, ₤ 3.99,

Per 67.5 g pie: calories, 257; hydrogenated fat, 4.7 g; sugar, 20.9 g; salt, 0.07 g

These appropriate for people with coeliac condition or a wheat or gluten intolerance.

The bread is made with rice potato, flour and maize starch - however I wouldn't recommend them if you don't require to avoid wheat or gluten, as they're no much healthier than a normal mince pie.

As a matter of fact, added sugar is the main ingredient, with concerning 5 tsp per pie. They're also higher in hydrogenated fat and sugar than a normal dice pie, with less healthy protein due to the fact that they do not use any kind of nuts (and gluten-free flour has about half the protein located in a standard flour). But they do have less salt.

Health rating: 4/10

Taste test: Juicy mincemeat, but thick, claggy pastry. 5/10

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Roots & Wings Organic Mini 300 g, 12 pies, ₤ 6,

Per 25 g mini pie: calories, 112; saturated fat, 3.1 g; sugar, 7.6 g; salt, 0.1 g

There is more pastry than filling up below, which means a lot more white flour and sugar.

These are smaller than a typical mince pie, so lower in calories, however they're greater in fat as well as have practically the same sugar web content per 100 g.

The organic ingredients make these extra expensive, however I 'd argue that the included preservatives outweigh any health benefits from being organic.

If you want to eat a dice pie, just pick your preferred and also enjoy it in small amounts.

Health rating: 6/10

Taste test: Overpoweringly pleasant, both the pastry and also loading are very sweet. 2/10

OGGS ® - Vegan Alternatives for Plant Based Living

McLaren Fine Foods - From Surrey with love

Foodship by Evelyn - Diet nutritional expert for health - London
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