This is the reason why I like online dating!

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The online world has become a haven for singles. You no longer need to bear the noise and the expense of the bar scene, nor do you need to rely on your parents or your friends to introduce you to someone whom they think you would be sure to fall in love with. Plus, you don't have to deal with the inevitable awkwardness when they are wrong.

Online dating can be a quicker alternative as it connects you to other people across the nation (and perhaps the world) with a simple click of the mouse.

Here are more reasons that Americans' interest in online dating services is one the rise:

1. Online dating services give you the ability to access hundreds of profiles. You can learn more about any of your virtual "matches" before you make any kind of connection with them.

2. Your prospective love connections are not limited by the people you meet in your job, school, or social circle.

3. If you choose a reputable, reliable, and established online dating site, you will find a number of security measures set up to retain your privacy and safety. Some of these sites do a criminal record background check and some check to make sure that prospective members are, indeed, single. Before you sign up with an online dating service, look to see what kinds of safety measures they have put into place.

4. You make the decision whether to meet someone. And you make the decision whether to share any of your personal information. Again, if you have signed up for a reliable site, your personal information is kept confidential until the point at which you decide to share it.

5. Online dating sites have a number of different tools that make looking for a match a truly entertaining and enjoyable experience. Some sites offer personality tests, image uploads and some have personal ads with audio and or video.

6. Online dating is reasonably affordable. Most of the reliable sites charge a fee for membership (all those safety measures aren't free) but most of them also have a free trial period where you can try out the site and see what it offers before you sign up for a longer membership.
You’ve heard the horror stories of online dating… setting up a time to meet with someone at your favorite burger joint, only to find out that they look nothing like their profile picture that was taken 10 years ago.

But for every online dating story like that, there’s a beautiful story about people connecting and eventually getting married to those they met through online dating sites.

While it may not be for everyone, it can be exciting to branch outside of your comfort zone.

Here are seven key reasons that you should give online dating the old “college try!”
7 Reasons to Try Online Dating
Take a leap of faith and get ready to broaden your horizons, because online dating can be the breakthrough you need to find Mr./Mrs. Right!

1. It’s a New Adventure!
There are few things that are more fun than meeting and connecting with new people, especially when those “new people” are attractive and romantically interested in you!

Online dating can also help you break away from the same old boring dates that your friends have been setting you up with. Need any help with the conversation starters? Refer to this great info about online dating first messages

You get the chance to meet with someone outside your usual spider-web of connections, which adds a mysterious and exciting element to the first meet up!

Plus, you may agree to meet up with them at a venue that you’ve never been to before or tried something new (like indoor skydiving) that you wouldn’t have tried by yourself.

2. It Helps You Break out of a “Dating Lull”
Everyone’s been there at one point or another… the dreadful period of time when you feel like you’re never going to enjoy another date ever again.

Whether you’ve recently been through a break-up or the dates you’ve recently had just haven’t been interesting enough, finding a date online might help you curve that trend.

As previously mentioned, online dating can open the window to meeting people you wouldn’t have otherwise run into. The internet is a beautiful thing, use it as a tool to try something (or in this case, someone) different.

3. There are Countless Testimonials
The proof is in the pudding on online dating, at least 5% of Americans have met their husband or wife online.

Even if you’re not considering online dating to find your future spouse, 15% of Americans have used online dating sites, thus giving you the chance to meet more people!

If one date goes horribly wrong, don’t stress… on to the next one! There’s no shortage of fish in the “online dating” sea.

4. Allows You to Facilitate Your Bio
Face it… when you’ve been set up on a blind date by your friends or relatives, it’s very possible that your date knows WAY more about you than you’d like them to before the date even starts.

Online dating gives you control of how much someone learns about you.

This helps with fewer “awkward silence” moments because there’s more to talk about when sharing your interests and background and allows you to share more about yourself with your date on your time.

On the flip side of that, don’t be afraid to share anything you want to on your online bio.

People tend to gravitate towards those that are transparent and honest with their descriptions… Let your personality shine through!

5. It’s a Great Tool to Keep in Your Back Pocket
Not all dates are created equal, sometimes asking that cute guy or girl from work out on a date works… and sometimes it fails miserably.

That’s when it’s nice to have an online dating account to fall back on. That way if the date doesn’t go well with that person you’ve been eyeing for a while, it’s not like there isn’t another date within site.

The best thing to do after a date doesn’t go well is to get right back out there and go on another one; Online dating makes that easier to do.

This can also give you more confidence when going on a date, knowing that if this date doesn’t go well, you always have online dating to help you find the next one.

6. You’ve Got Nothing to Lose
Some would tell you this is the wrong frame of mind to have when going on a date… WRONG!

Because you likely don’t have any connections to those that you meet through online dating sites, you won’t be forced to have awkward encounters with one another after the first date.

More importantly, it gives you both freedom to be yourselves with each other and lessens the worry of being judged for what you say.

SugarDaddyMeet ” allows for more fluent conversations and may lead to connecting on a more personal level.

7. Date Whenever You Have Time To
Depending on what you do for a living, your normal work hours may run into what would be deemed as the proper time to go to social events.

Because of that, it can be hard to meet new people outside of those you come into contact with on a daily basis (whether at work or otherwise).

Online dating sites allow you to check in regularly, see who’s out there and reach out to those you’re interested in whenever you have the free time to do so. Heck, you can even mingle during your lunch break!

The best part of this? You don’t have to get dolled up; if you want to mingle with other singles while in your comfiest pair of sweatpants, you’re free to do so!

The Dating World Is at Your Fingertips!
Meeting new people can be an exciting yet scary endeavor. Online dating takes that out of the equation by giving you a “warm lead” to others you are attracted to.

Online dating is what you make of it, so get out there and experience what the online matchmaker world has to offer you!

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