The most beautiful men's shirt models today

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Shirts are an indispensable outfit for any guy. A nice shirt style will enhance your style and appearance a lot. And the problem is how to choose a shirt that suits your preferences, keeping up with current fashion trends. With that in mind, today Thuybich will introduce the top 12 most beautiful men's shirt models today and tips to wear the best. Follow along!

Top 12 most beautiful men's shirt models today hot fashion for men:
White shirt is always at the top of the wardrobe of every young man or gentleman. Whether you are a bad boy or a good man, this is still an indispensable companion. Because of the ability to coordinate and vary in every set of clothes in every situation that you wear. Depending on your style, the shirt will give a very different image, creating its own beauty. It is not natural that the male office shirt samples, the school uniform shirt samples are all white shirts.
With a beautiful white men's shirt, the first thing to pay attention to is the fabric. There are many materials such as cotton, raw, glossy silk, etc. If you go to work or meet your partner, you can choose a white polyster-blend shirt to avoid wrinkles. If you have to exercise, cool, smooth and sweat-absorbing shirts will be the number one choice.

For an elderly man who wants to pursue a polite style, he can combine it with a vest. You can choose an alternative antique if you are going on a date if you want to be more relaxed, youthful, and modern. If you have a slim body, avoid wearing men's body shirts.
If you have more sophistication, knowledge of fashion, know how to highlight with accessories such as watches, necklaces to create accents to attract the opposite person. Fall is the perfect time to wear long-sleeve plaid shirts. But choose carefully because it depends on many factors such as material, body shape, etc.

The most popular Korean men's shirt. This is also a typical beautiful office uniform shirt. Famous men's shirt brands, shirt brands always have a variety of beautiful models for you to choose from.
You may not know, in the past, men's white shirts were tailored just for men before the Middle Ages, and they were worn by men every day as a form of underwear.

Fall is the perfect time to wear long-sleeve plaid shirts. But keep in mind the following color and material factors to find the plaid shirt for you
Pattern: if you have a limited height, you should avoid long stripes, but on the contrary, you should choose a loose-fitting plaid shirt. A slightly fat body is absolutely not allowed to wear large and bright horizontal lines.
In terms of color, it will be difficult to coordinate outfits if you choose shirts where the background color and line color do not match, or the lines are too different. The classic color combination that never goes out of fashion is a plaid shirt with a plain t-shirt and black jeans. This is a good suggestion for a cold autumn day.

Design white men's shirt. The Oxford shirt is a classic men's shirt design that comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit a wide range of styles, whether at big events or in everyday style.
The Oxford collar is usually a button-down collar, with a woven basket-weave design and the use of a characteristic stiff cotton fabric. In addition, the Oxford shirt features a fabric texture that can change when viewed in the shade. Compared to the usual beautiful men's shirts, this Oxford shirt has a slightly rough and rough fabric surface because it is woven from only two threads, it looks very thick, stands in shape and is less wrinkled compared to other models. other men's shirts.
There are many factors to consider when choosing a good and suitable Oxford shirt for your body. To choose a nice Oxford shirt, it is best to choose a shirt that is a bit loose, with straight side seams instead of a body-hugging style. This will show the outstanding advantage of the hard, thick fabric of the Oxford shirt. Collar should also choose a bit wide instead of tight. Ideally, it should be about two-finger-thicknesses and about half an inch (1.3cm) from the neckline.

The dress shirt is the classic shirt for luxury events. Aesthetically balanced neck design, with a long pointed hem (the back flap covers all the buttocks) and staggered to serve the purpose of leaving the shirt in the pants.

Usually, this style of shirt is sewn with thin and light materials, so that it is easy to combine with well-organized and luxurious outfits. If you are afraid of a thin shirt that is offensive, you can combine it with a sweater or outerwear to reveal only the neck. Not losing points but elegant elegance. So when choosing this type of shirt, the neck is very important.
As for the shoulders, you should choose shirts with the shoulder seam located exactly between the shoulder edge and the arm. A well-fitted shoulder will prevent the fabric in the armpit area from twisting or creasing during arm movements. Shoulders that are too tight, moving the arms will be difficult, if the shoulders are too wide, the shoulder line will fall down to the arms and ruin the shape of the shirt.

Antique shirt is an innovative variation
from the classic shirt. The highlight of this shirt style is on the vertical neck, which is slightly erect, not angled. The row of loose buttons is not tight, increasing the youthfulness but no less masculinity. As for the material, most of them are made of cool cotton, from a very comfortable fit, easy to move outdoors.
With a men's collar shirt, the best way to coordinate is probably to mix it with ankle-length shorts, creating an elegant "gentleman". Or with jeans, short shorts are very suitable for travel, resort, dating party, this is the best item with this shirt. If you need a men's office shirt, it can be combined with beautiful long dark pants, with a belt that is serious enough but still stands out.
The Cuban collar is featured with a soft, wide neckline, short sleeves, a vertical silhouette, and eye-catching colorful prints.
This is an item for those who love creativity and color coordination on active summer days. Choose pants of the same color but different in density, inside is a contrasting slim T-shirt to create accents. Pair with sneakers, or a pair of sandals will be a great choice for a liberal summer day.
Oversized outerwear shirt is one of the top boys' shirts favored by young people. With a variety of leather textures depending on each person's preferences, combined with a bright T-shirt inside. This mix you can easily find on the street.
Outerwear shirt combined with jeans and sneakers is a great hack to age, making the appearance attractive, youthful and new. This outfit is the perfect choice for every guy's walking and dating occasions.

Denim shirt is an item that is not very strange to boys who are liberal and dusty, not constrained. Choose a slim-fit denim with a snug fit that's neither too body nor too wide. Just the right width of the demin will flatter your figure as much as possible, this is also the point that makes the demin very popular.
For the office guy, denim jeans with blazer will be the ideal choice. If you like a moderate casual style, you can combine denim shirt with jeans and neat Brogue shoes. If you want a cool, masculine look, wear a shirt in contrasting tones with jeans and sneakers!
9. Linen Shirts
Linen shirts are the first choice for hot summer days, because the material is soft, cool, and highly absorbent. But linen shirt has 1 disadvantage is low elasticity, easy to wrinkle. It is easy to break the thread and damage from the shirt if folded repeatedly.
10.Men's Shirts CARO
The plaid or checkered shirt style is probably the most popular shirt style and is used by almost all ages. Because plaid shirts are diverse in design, size, and color, they are not restricted to any range.
There are horizontal, vertical, small, big, monochromatic, ombre... Possessing a rich color scheme so you don't have to worry about its ability to coordinate. Checkered shirt is also one of the beautiful women's shirts that appear a lot on the street.
11.Black Men's Shirt ONE OF THE BEST TYPES OF MEN'S Shirts NOW
If you have mentioned the white shirt, it is impossible to ignore the trendy black shirt. Black has always been the color of neutral mystery with luxurious beauty. So black shirt is always the number 1 choice for guys who want to hide the flaws of their full body. This is also one of the most common office uniform shirts
No need to think tired of asking. Just a pair of western shoes and a pair of casual pants is enough to have a gentleman's style. If you want to stay young, just replace it with a pair of sneakers and jeans to score points in everyone's eyes.
12. MEN'S T-shirts
It is easy to see the diverse patterns of men's shirts that are always inspired by nature, animals, plants, etc. With a huge store of colors and textures, they are never out of touch. Very popular with active guys who like novelty.

12.1 MEN'S FRAME T-shirts about flowers
The color of this pattern is usually towards cool, fresh colors. Textures will be harmoniously combined together to create a certain frame. This short-sleeved men's shirt with this motif will be very suitable for swimming, relaxing in harmony with nature in the mountains.
12. Animated Men's T-shirts
Cartoon patterned shirts are loved by young, mischievous boys. Famous cartoon characters, diverse in design, cute and funny images are never out of date, whether long- or short-sleeved shirts are very suitable for walking around with friends.
12.3 Men's Patterned Shirts About Women's Patterns
The patterned short-sleeved men's shirt is the most popular style of shirt to wear in the summer. With large and small patterns interspersed, the colors are also diverse, those who love romantic freedom can wear this patterned shirt. Most of the time, the pattern is mainly large flower motifs (mainly roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, ...).
Fruit motifs remind us of summers
Exciting, camping sessions add new energy to life. Summer is also the season of the beach and travel, bringing freshness, so don't hesitate to wear these items for your summer trips and parties this year. Today's market is diverse, measuring the hotness among the most popular designs today is indisputable.
The quality of life has improved, clothing and appearance are becoming more and more important. Now, the shirt is no longer simply used to cover, but also plays a role in impressing the opposite person.

The details on the shirt, from the material, the needle line, to the buttons, the buttons,... all contribute to the most beautiful high-end men's shirt, creating the most perfect tie. After going through the latest models today, let's go through the tips to have the most perfect shirt item.

Guys often wear loose shirts to be comfortable as well as to cover up the flaws on the body. But with men's shirts, making the shirt too loose will look very cluttered, not neat. Should choose the right shirt shape, the right width to flatter the figure as much as possible.

For men's shirts, the neck is a detail that needs to be paid the most attention. Even though the shirt you choose has a trendy design, good materials, and is expensive, if the neck doesn't fit properly, it won't look good when you put it on. will help you determine if your neck is a good fit, by buttoning the top button, then testing your index finger into the gap between the collar of a men's shirt and your neck. , if the finger can be inserted, it is a good shirt design you should not ignore. If you can't put your finger in, it means that the neck is too small, it will be easy to lose points.

Cotton fabric is undoubtedly the most commonly used material in the garment industry. Because of its ability to absorb, stretch well, high durability, wear cool to create comfort, it is very popular.

After cotton in terms of durability is synthetic fiber material (Polyester), with many outstanding advantages in anti-wrinkle and crease resistance. The special feature of Polyester is its ability to resist natural stains, especially water-based stains. Because the structure is synthetic fiber, it does not stretch when washing, anti-wrinkle, less damaged by mold.
Finally, the linen material: cool, gentle, .. Characteristic of the weaving technique, linen shirts are always thin, light, comfortable, and comfortable to move. This material is often used for well-designed, high-class shirts to wear on luxurious occasions.

Usually the length of the sleeve is determined by the sleeve, if it just touches the intersection between the index finger and the thumb, it is standard. Because this is the ideal length to work: bend your elbows, raise your arms above your head… the sleeves won't "carry up" too much.
In addition, when wearing vests or suits combined with men's office shirts, you should choose a shirt with a sleeve length 1-3cm longer than the vest sleeve.

Unlike men's t-shirts or other clothing, men's shirts always require grooming. Even if you wear something new and unique, always make sure the shirt is ironed straight and hangs neatly, without wrinkles or folds. It helps to keep the appearance neat and increase the "life" of the product.

A dashing look with a clean outfit will show what kind of man you are, and show minimal respect for the other person as well as yourself. Refer to products at famous men's shirt shops to find a nice shirt for you.

Above is the top of the most beautiful shirt models today, in addition, you can also refer to the office shirt models, beautiful checkered female shirts in other articles of the shop.
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