Top Home Decor Trends 2022

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Home decor trends are constantly changing. Art prints after year, the colours and trending decoration styles change. It’s an opportunity to renew our home design and express our changing idealisms as a society. And this year too the trends have evolved and how! We see a lot of innovative ideas ruling home decor trends in 2022 that are set to pep up our homes.

According to Design Cafe’s interior insights, home decor trends in 2022 will be all about functionality, naturalness and sustainability. It will also be about embracing simplicity while celebrating maximalism.

“Expect a lot of natural materials for home decor trends 2022. Wood, stones and marble will play a vital role in decoration and designs,” says Tasneem Arsiwala, Design Cafe’s Studio Manager, Mumbai.

Noteworthy Trends In Home Decor 2022
Vibrant colours are the most popular in 2022 home decor colour trends
Textured walls will rule over dry and plain ones
Natural surfaces are in for home decor trends 2022
Prints and patterns will be a hit in home decorating trends for 2022
Maximalist headboards are making a comeback in 2022 home decor trends
Green decorative corners for selfies and reels will trend
Smart home office furniture will continue to influence home decor trends
Curved sofas and couches are great home decor trends for 2022
So, here’s a detailed look at the eight most notable home decor trends for 2022. These expert-approved tips will give you a fair idea of how to transform your home in line with the year’s latest trends. Bookmark this blog because it’s time to reinvent your home!

Vibrant Colours Are The Most Popular In 2022 Home Decor Colour Trends
We saw a lot of neutral colours in 2021. However, this year, be ready for a lot of vibrant shades. Whether it’s in accent designs or the overall colour palette, you will see a lot of bright and vibrant colours making headlines. But this doesn’t mean there won’t be any neutral colours. People will definitely go with neutral and earthy shades, but there will be pops of a lot of vibrant oranges, greens and yellows.

You can also follow the Pantone colour of the year as a major colour palette for your home.

Textured Walls Will Rule Over Dry And Plain Ones
Home decor trends in 2022 will be a lot about interesting walls. There will be textured paints and wallpapers that will pep up those boring plain walls. So go for gorgeous textured wallpapers and wall coverings to experiment with your interiors. You can also go for textured paints that are readily available. Use textured walls as accent elements in different rooms to add dimension to your interiors. These textured walls can also be the focal point of your home decoration.

Natural Surfaces Are In For Home Decor Trends 2022
As our Studio Manager, Tasneem has mentioned, we will witness a lot of natural elements in our home decor trends this year. So look out for stoneware and terracotta elements. Use these natural surfaces for decorating elements like artefacts and furniture. These natural elements in home decor will inspire the connection between people and nature, which is a rising trend. So choose natural surfaces for your countertops, staircases and flooring to imbibe this love for nature.

Prints And Patterns Will Be A Hit In Home Decorating Trends For 2022
2O22 is a year of conscious designs. Thus you will see homes depicting this societal transformation of the world becoming more concerned about the environment. There will be a lot of earthy prints that will trend in home decor. Go for nature-inspired patterns and prints to bring the outdoors into your home. You will also see a lot of botanical prints such as floral wallcoverings. You can also go with classical period patterns as the vintage look will be popular this year. Thus wall decor and patterns will dominate walls, flooring as well as fabrics.

Maximalist Headboards Are Making A Comeback In 2022 Home Decor Trends
Since maximalist interiors will be ruling this year, don’t shy away from adding heavy decorations in your rooms. One exciting trend that will not go unnoticed is the love for gorgeous headboards. Yes, lavish headboard designs will be a home decor trend in 2022 for sure. Go with upholstered curved headboards which will be your highlighting decor elements.

Green Decorative Corners For Selfies And Reels Will Trend
One interesting home decor trend in 2022 will be dedicated green spaces for selfies and reels at home. Since outdoor movement will still be limited, people will prefer having green decorations at home. And these green beauties make the perfect backdrop for selfies and video calls. So add many indoor plants and biophilic art to create beautiful green spaces at home. You can also deck up your balconies with green elements to create refreshing corners at home.

Smart Home Office Furniture Will Continue To Influence Home Decor Trends
Another significant trend that will rule our homes this year is smart home office furniture. Use modular office setups with space-saving designs. Go for smart pieces of furniture like floating shelves, folding desks and handleless cabinets to get the sleek and trending look.

Curved Sofas And Couches Are Great Home Decor Trends For 2022
A great home decor trend for 2022 is curved. Ditch the bland straight couches and sofas and go for gorgeous curve designs instead. Curves add a personality to interiors, and this year we will see a lot of curves. A curved sofa will instantly add dimension to a plain room. So, curves are good.

2022 will be all about warm and happy decorations. Don’t overdo, but also don’t restrict too much. Flaunt your love for vibrant and loud decor elements. Just remember to balance them well. So, go ahead and explore nature to create inspiring homes. In case you need some professional mentorship for your home makeover, we are just a call away!
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