How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois

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Illinois has a new law which allows people to purchase marijuana for medical purposes. It is legal to purchase medical marijuana January 1st, 2020. There are some restrictions. The people who require it require a medical disease and a doctor's approval. A medical marijuana card is available to those who meet the criteria. The card permits them to buy marijuana without restrictions. The applicant must be 21 years old and possess an active prescription for opioids.

Illinois has a variety of requirements for obtaining a medical marijuana card. A patient must be a resident of Illinois to apply for the license. If they meet the requirements for the license, they will need to obtain a written certification from their physician. This document is part of the process of applying for a medical cannabis registry card. The patient needs to present the physician's certification and be a resident of Illinois to apply for an ID card.

Patients with a qualifying medical condition are able to apply for medical cannabis cards. To apply, applicants must complete a state-approved form and designate the caregiver to receive the cannabis. Candidates must pay a charge of $100 or $200, or $250 for one-year cards. Veterans get a reduced application. Within 90 days, applicants must submit a passport-sized photo and proof of residency.

The state's medical marijuana law requires that patients have a qualifying condition. weed must be identified as suffering from a debilitating disorder to be eligible. If a patient who qualifies is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder they can seek an appointment with a doctor. The state's Cannabis Advisory Board recommends adding post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of qualifying conditions. The law also stipulates that patients must have the same medical documentation that those renting an apartment.

Patients must meet a qualifying condition to be eligible for medical marijuana cards. They must have a qualifying condition as well as be an Illinois resident. Patients with a medical condition that is not medically based may also apply for a card. To get a card the patient must be at minimum 21 years old. Once they have the card, they are able to purchase cannabis. It is now legal to purchase up to 2.5 ounces cannabis for medical reasons.

Since 2014, the Illinois medical marijuana law has been in force. In 2013 an Cook County judge ruled that the state must add post-traumatic stress disorder to its list of debilitating conditions. In 2016, the state added post-traumatic stress disorder to its list of conditions. This was the first step towards expanding the program. There are currently 41 illnesses recognized. Anyone with a qualifying condition can plant up to 5 plants at home.
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